Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 4 Review

So far so good in week 4. With 3 players yet to play (Laursen, Young and Bentley) we've scored 55 thanks to stellar outings from captain Frank Lampard (18 points) and Mikel Arteta (10 points). Van Persie and Zaki also chipped in with a goal a piece and Sagna and Clichy played in an Arsenal side that scored the only clean sheet of the week so far.

Three players did well this week who have all been on my radar:

Tim Cahill

I had Cahill last year and when fit he's a constant goal threat who is playing just off the striker but is registered and priced as a midfielder - 7.9. The only downside to getting Cahill would be that it either leaves me with two Everton midfielders, or necessitates losing Arteta. Everton have Liverpool, Arsenal and United in the next 5 weeks so I'm going to stay away from Tim for now.

Zoltan Gera
I rated Gera highly at WBA though I wasn't sure how he'd figure in a revamped Fulham side. He has looked good the last two weeks and at 5.4 is well valued. The questions this leaves me with are (a) is he an every week fantasy player and (b) is 5.4 too much to spend on a bench player? At the moment i think 1m can be spent better rather than upgrading Mullins so I will again stay off Gera for now.

Jermaine Defoe
Defoe bagged his second brace is as many weeks and his partnership at Pompey with Crouch looks to be forming nicely. Defoe has always been a streaky scorer (see his ten in ten streak at Bournemouth) and this may be the start of another great streak. However, a few people in the league already have him and I can; help but feel I'm chasing points. Due to his price rising to 8.1 I cannot afford him if I remove Ashton but he is worth considering for future weeks.

Around the league
Emmanuel Adebayour bagged a hat trick against an average Rovers side though I still feel that in the long run I'd go with Drogba over him if I were to committ 11m to a striker.

Robinho took just 12 minutes to score for City, hitting a decent - if somewhat lucky - freekick against Chelsea. He looked sharp and may be a decent buy for 9.0. I'll probably see how City look over the next couple of weeks before snagging him though.

There was only one clean sheet for the week (before the Spurs - Villa game) which belonged to Arsenal. Clean sheets seem to have been hard to come by this year and I'm wondering if it may be worth trading in one of my pricey defenders for a cheaper player and using the money to upgrade the midfield or my strikeforce.

Looking Forward
United start a good fixture run including Bolton, WBA, West Ham, Hull and Stoke at home all within the next 8 games (following the Chelsea match). I think I'll aim to get a defender in by then and possibly consider Berbatov (who looked okay but not great vs Liverpool) to take advantage of this run. I don't really like any of the midfield except Anderson at 6.0 but he is far from guaranteed regular games when everyone is back to full fitness.

Liverpool also have decent fixtures coming up and I'm hoping Babel gets a decent run in the first team as at 7.5 he represents good value. He's scored a couple off the bench but until he locks down a starting spot he isn't worth the investment.

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