Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 10 Rising Stars

A great night of football tonight, highlighted by the amazing 4-4 North London derby, served up a plethora of fantasy points and raised a number of rising stars

Rising Stars
The Spurs midfielders appear to be getting their act together and could be steals at this point of the season with Jenas (6.8), Modric (6.9), Bentley (7.2) and Lennon (6.7) all notching at least 5 points tonight. The fixture list isn't the best (Liv,@ManC,@Ful) so it might be best to monitor the situation over the coming weeks to see if Spurs really have turned a corner.

Marouane Fellaini has scored 3 in 4 on his way to a very healthy 0.808 PPMS. Everton have a good looking fixture list coming up (Ful, @Wes, Mid) and 'screech' may be worth a shot for those looking for someone to differentiate their team held by 0.3%).

Michael Turner is a player I alluded to in a previous article and the buy rating remains despite Hull's 3-0 beating tonight by Chelsea. They play Man United next week but after that they get Bol, ManC and @Por which is not too bad at all. Hull are the real deal and remind me alot of the Bolton side's that upset the ranks to take a European spot soon after promotion. This is no surprise what with Phil Brown serving under Big Sam in those glory days.

Armand Traore has been a terrific player in the past 5 weeks conceding just one goal and notching an incredible PPMS of 1.378. An added bonus is that two of those clean sheets have come when Portsmouth have conceded late goals after Traore was taken off. Despite over 30,000 transfers in in the past few weeks Traore's value has risen just 0.1m and he is surely due for another rise soon.

Dimitar Berbatov is hardly a sleeper in the traditional sense as his 9.4 price tag demonstrates. However, I do suggest he is overrated and he is finding some form of late. Look for his price to rise this week and for him to notch a couple of goals in upcoming goals against Hull and Stoke. Alot of the big name strikers are in decent form right now (van Persie, Adebayour and Anelka all netted tonight) so it may be hard to get him in, but I don't think those managers who do will regret it.

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Silent Jay said...

Some random thoughts...

Traore leading all players in adds so far this week. His price WILL rise. If you want him, add him now!

Fellaini - doesn't have a very impressive scoring history. Has also not received ANY bonus points, indicating that he's maybe just gotten lucky a couple of times? But I haven't seen him play yet.

Turner - goal threat and bonus-collector on what looks like a decent defensive team. A steal if you got him a couple of weeks ago. Has gone up 0.3 in two weeks, and will continue to increase until he's well into the 5's. Matchups are a mixed bag, but he's basically always worth playing due to his scoring and bonus-point potential.

On another note - I have now picked up THREE defenders who were then immediately benched for the first time all season! (Since returning from injury, in Agger's case - he played every league and CL game, so I figured he was safe, with no one but grampa Hyypia as competition. I guess not.)

I also left big points on the bench... again. I think my crystal ball must be broken.