Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gameweek 11 Running Diary (Part II)

16:09 Back under way in the Premier League with no notable substitutions to comment on.

16:12 100 league goals for Lampard as the goals keep flowing at Stamford Bridge. Lampard is in delicious form and is a must have for fantasy teams if your budget will stretch to it. I can almost feel the 3 bonus points.

16:13 Anelka hattrick! Okay so maybe it'll be 2 bonus points for Lamps. Another assist for Malouda too. Chelsea are rampant 5-0.

16:16 Bednar makes a claim to the top sub-6m striker title with his 4th of the season. At 5.4 he might be worth a look.

16:17 United get their 4th through Vidic, assisted by Rooney. That's Vidic's first this season.

16:22 West Brom take the lead as they punish 10 man Blackburn, no points for identifying the turning point of that game! This time its a sub-5m man, Ishmael Miller, who has tempted me in the past. If he continues to play he is a steal at 4.9m. Only the second time this season the Baggies have bagged two.

16:26 As we stand Pure Juice have 60 with Ronaldo (22) and Alex (15) contributing over half the team's points. With three players to come it could be a good week.

16:30 Hull pull one back to make it 4-2 through former Bolton legend Bernard Mendy (okay legend is a stretch but I liked him). Vidic did his best to clear but the linesman gave it and Hull have a lifeline.

16:32 Drogba is on for Chelsea as if Scolari is just reminding people how good his squad is. Chelsea are pretty unreal when they're on and will take some beating this season. Their defense is a notch above United at the moment and their attack is a couple of notches ahead of Liverpool. Definitely my favourites at the moment.

16:34 Delap creates more havoc and its 2-0 at the Britannia, incredible! Arsenal's title challenge looks to be over and they look really poor at the moment. I think Wenger has gone a step too far thinking he could replace Gilberto and Flamini as Song and Diaby are clearly not up to it, and Denilson lacks any defensive bite. Even a big defensive signing at Christmas looks like it will be too late.

16:37 Van Persie is off at the Britannia as that old temper of his flares up. The Dutchman has gone flying into the keeper with a leading elbow and Wenger is incensed. Disastrous day for Arsenal which is great news for fantasy owners like myself who divested all my Arsenal assets weeks ago (including the recently disciplined Van Persie). BBC suggest it isn't a red where as Thompson on Sky says he deserved it. In true Arsene style "I did not see the incident".

16:41 Mido scores for Boro who have been knocking at the door for a while now. In the meantime Geovanni has made it 4-3 at OT! That's the third different team Geo has scored against United for! Surely Hull cannot come back, what a job Phil Brown is doing!

16:43 I keep thinking Geovanni will fade but he looks like the real deal. I was going to comment that his age will catch up with him but someone the boy is only 28! I'm sure I remember him on Championship Manager about 15 years ago!

16:45 Pompey equalise through Kranjcar who confirms my suspicions that he is a buy prospect. Valued at just 6.1m the Crotian maestro could be an absolute steal.

16:49 United hanging on at home to Hull, being forced to bring on O'Shea for Anderson. Phil Brown must be gaing Manager of the Year votes already. He's the new Big Sam (no coincidence as Brown was Sam's assistant).

16:50 10 man Rovers draw level through Paul Ince favourite Keith Andrews. I still won't be rushing to bring in the former MK Dons man mind.

16:52 Alex seals his clean sheet and with it 15 points (plus any bonus points). I'm very smug with my subsitution this week.

16:54 Arsenal get a consolation through Gael Clichy, the player who supposed to have been dropped this week for being "close to tears" last week.

16:55 Wigan win it at Fratton Park, Heskey with the winner! By all accounts Pompey have been the more threatening but Steve Bruce's men take the points.

16:58 Its all over at Fratton Park and Bruce is jubilant. Unlucky result for Tony Adams whose Pompey side played pretty well.

16:59 Stoke get the 3 points and Wenger will be livid. Arsenal have had a disasterous week and it looks like they must focus on the Champions League after just 11 games.

17:00 Full time throughout the league to bring to an end a great afternoon's entertainment. Liverpool play Spurs later in what could be a decent game too. Pure Juice have 66 points with Young, Laursen and Garrido (if he plays) to come. If Garrido doesn't go then Marney will come in who notched 2 points. I'm hopeful for bonuses for Ronaldo and Lampard which should take me over the 70 point mark. Not a bad days work though I think this will be a high scoring week for alot of players.


Ashwin said...

Great week Chris, I found your blog again. My team is struggling because of its Arsenal investment.. time to bring back Lamps and some pool players.

Chris Glover said...

I think Lampard is the most under-selected player this season, only just breaking the 20% barrier. He is averaging just shy of 2 bonus a points game, which means with Chelsea's stout defense he'll get you 5 points without even contributing to a goal.
As far as Pool go I definately have the same plan as they have the best 6 game stretch of the whole league. I like Arbeloa and Reina in defense, Alonso in the midfield and possibly Keano up front, though thats a risk with his price tag (8.6)

Chris Glover said...

I've decided to take my transfer early this week and go with Reina to replace Van der Sar, also dropping Garrido for Dawson of Hull. I don't like to pay for transfers but with Van der Sar @ Arsenal and Garrido on the bench compared to Reina vv WBA and Dawson vs Bolton I figured this week was worth it.

Silent Jay said...

Nice commentary, Chris. Especially for those of us who don't get to watch every game. (Or any games this week, since I was away.)

Btw, I took a chance and swapped SWP/Fabregas for Villanueva/Lampard... making Villanueva the FOURTH player who gets benched the week I added him! Another 4 points well invested. (Although I suppose Lamps made up for it.)

I'm guessing he was just rested after the midweek games, and should be back next week. Still annoying, though.

Chris Glover said...

i had tipped Villaneuva for a good week and then found he wasn't even in the lineup, he seems hard to predict right now. Frustrating seeing as he has racked up 7 bonus points in his limited playing time.

Silent Jay said...

Well, he only got back to full fitness a couple of weeks ago. I'd imagine they didn't want to risk anything, so he got a breather after a tough week. We shall see. He's certainly got the potential to be a fantasy monster!