Monday, December 15, 2008

Gerrard plus one

No not an invitation to a christmas party but rather a fantasy conundrum. As I have three Wigan players, a lame duck (Agger) and Ronaldo I need to make two transfers to ensure I can even field a team this week. I am therefore transferring Ronaldo out on the assumption that if I act quickly I can initially lose 0.3m which will be cut to 0.2 as I expect his price to fall by next week and Gerrard's to rise due to all the Ronaldo sellers. I have all but settled on Gerrard as the replacement which, on the assumption that prices don't move, leaves me 0.2 to spend upgrading somewhere else whilst still leaving me with 3.1 to get Ronaldo back next week for the Stoke game.

The question therefore is how to spend that 0.2m. I need to use it on one of my players who are off this week so the choice is Figueroa or Agger (I'm still holding Zaki and Valencia).

Agger (5.9)
This gives me 6.1 which doesn't buy a great deal these days as you cannot touch the big boys apart from Alex or O'Shea, one of whom is not guaranteed a game and one of whom is in Japan. Jagielka was the first name that sprung to mind but Everton play Chelsea who are undefeated on the road and have scored 21 goals in 8 games. My next thought was City who travel to West Brom who are the worst team in the league by some way at this point (yes, even Blackburn). Kompany in his advanced role is my first thought and he definately makes the short list, though City have given up 15 goals on the road and haven't kept an away clean sheet since week 3. I like Villa at the moment and they get a trip to Upton Park to play a West Ham so Cuellar is also an option

Figueroa (4.2)
This gives me 4.4 and also allows me to divest myself of some of my over reliance on a pretty average and unpredictable Wigan side. Having just mentioned Villa above, Luke Young is the obvious choice, although he is not guaranteed a game with Shorey waiting in the wings. I am also sky high on Bassong and at 4m he would allow me use the money saved elsewhere in the future. Newcastle entertain Spurs though which which isn't the easiest game. Bolton are another option and I particularly like O'Brien at 4.2m, especially as they entertain a Pompey side in poor form.

At the moment I am favouring Young or possibly Bassong to replace Figueroa. I prefer Young but if I get Bassong then I would have 6.3 to replace Agger which would allow me to get Clichy in time for Arsenal's good defensive fixture run or even Evra if his value falls 0.1 more due to his suspension.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you guys getting rid of Ronaldo or keeping with the once undroppable fantasy God?


Ashwin said...

I would go for the Bassong option. Newcastle have been surprisingly good defensively, and despite all talk of Tottenham resurgence they are still struggling to score goals.
As for getting Clichy in for the future, I avoid Arsenal defenders like the plague! Maybe that's just me, but the team has some shaky central defenders and no real defensive midfielder. They are not even built to hold onto a lead.

Silent Jay said...

Ask, and ye shall receive (some thoughts.)

Alex and O'Shea are (very) short-term rentals at best.

Kompany has scored exactly 0 goals, 0 assists, and 0 bonus points, with only two clean sheets in the last 11 games. Garrido (when fit) would have to be a FAR better option if you really want a City defender. Especially at 4.3.

Villa are very inconsistent at the back - they keep shutting out the top teams, and then get bombed by everyone else. L.Young costs 1.0 less than Cuellar, and would be the obvious choice for me. (Shorey has been shelved for good, it seems.)

Bassong - just picked him up myself. Vs Spurs isn't as tough as it seems. They're struggling to score. And Newcastle have a pretty good schedule coming up in general.

Bolton - pretty average defense, and Liverpool, Arsenal, ManU, and an unpredictable Pompey in 4 of the next 5 games. You sure you wanna even consider that??

As for Ronaldo - I need my free transfers elsewhere (and don't want to throw away the 0.2 or 0.3 it would cost to get him back), so I'm keeping him.

Chris Glover said...

can't argue with most of those points to be honest. I do think Luke Young is good value though despite Villa's inconsistencies. Bassong is the favourite so far, so as to free up cash to get Evra when he returns from suspension.