Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Player Feature: Gabriel Agbonlahor

Traditionally these features should come BEFORE a big scoring week and I can hear the cries of horse, bolted, close, gate already. However, I urge you to consider that last week was not a blip for the speedy Englishman but a sign of things to come over the next 8 weeks.
Agbonlahor has had three monster weeks (1, 9 and 17), scoring 15 or more points in each, but has failed to crack 6 every other week. This can be frustrating for managers who find it hard to captain him, especially considering that at Wigan and home to City are only considered to be medium games in which to play your attackers.
A look ahead though sees 4 green and 4 amber games on the horizon for Villa including @WH, @Hul and WBA in the next four. Villa are back on form (despite their second stringers losing to Hamburg tonight) and I look to them to win 5 or 6 of the next 8, scoring a bagful in the process.

The only downside to Agbonlahor is that he is widely held (23%) though I wouldn't let this stop you from getting him. I think he is a made replacement for Defoe (after the next two games) and could even be a nice option for Anelka if Drogba starts stealing minutes from the Frenchman.

Looking longer term, my strategy is to bring Gabby in soon for Defoe and then switch him for Carew when he returns from injury, freeing up at least 1.1m (or probably more assuming Gabby rises or Carew continues to fall).

Does anyone out there currently own the Villa hit man, or are you considering getting him? Do you think the move is too late after last week's 15 point haul? Let me know what you think

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Ashwin said...

I bought Gabby last year and it seems his pattern is a little different this year. Last year he went on a good run of about 8-9 weeks, and then didn't score for about 10 weeks. I think he might be about to do something similar, for your sakes!