Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 16 injury status

I am a huge fan of the system implemented in US sports such as the NFL, where players are given official ratings as to how injured they are ranging from probable to questionable to out. Unfortunately we do not enjoy such a system in the Premier League, so I will try and implement one by collating all the varying info available on players and assessing their status accordingly. Note that this list is not exhuastive and will not include (a) long term casualties unless they occurred recently and (b) players will zero fantasy impact (such as Sunderland's third keeper etc. I will try to keep the list updated right through to 11:30 tomorrow when the transfer deadline passes.

Gameweek 16 Status (updated 10:28am Saturday)

Physio Room
Fantasy Football Scout
BBC Sport Suspension List


Silent Jay said...

Excellent idea!

Although you do have the likes of Laveranues Coles, who are officially "questionable" every single week and play anyway. But I guess as long as this doesn't become an "official" EPL list, we're safe. ;-)

Btw, Evra apparently just got suspended for another 4 games for some altercation last season!

Chris Glover said...

Yeh, or half the Patriots team being 'questionable' each week. haha

Silent Jay said...

Argh... Patriots!

I finally lost the ever-questionable Tom Brady in my keeper league at the start of the season, after "suffering" through last season with him. But I guess he did kinda OK. :-) Shame that I lost Ronnie Brown, though, and the rest of my team sucked.

This year it's the other way around. My QBs (all 5 of them) have sucked, and I'm still tied for the league lead. Mr. Cassel gets a second audition for me this week, before the playoffs get underway.

And yes, I lost Ronnie Brown AND Tom Brady in a keeper league! The Fantasy Gods can be cruel sometimes. (And that would be the 1000 yds in 7 games after a slow start Ronnie from last season, not the refurbished one this year.) Oh well. Hopefully I'll at least get Reggie Bush back at 100% for the playoffs.

Uh... sorry for the slightly off-topic rant. Just don't mention the Patriots to me again! :-D

Chris Glover said...

my team is a mixed back of free agents (warrick dunn) and surprises (matt forte) led by the underperforming Manning and Gates. I've somehow stumbled to a 9-3-1 record.

Silent Jay said...

I'm 10-3 with basically an ever-rotating squad. (Only have 6 out of 14 offensive players left from week 1!)

Week 14:
QB Matt Cassel
WR Reggie Wayne - Calvin Johnson
RB Frank Gore - Tim Hightower
TE Dustin Keller
W/T Dwayne Bowe
W/R Peyton Hillis
K Matt Prater
DEF Titans
D Jon Beason

Bench: L. Coles, Lance Moore, Reggie Bush, Cadillac Williams, Ted Ginn

I had Edgerrin James to start with, but apparently the Cardinals have absolutely no idea what the hell they're doing, so I'm stuck with Hightower until Bush/Williams get back to 100%. (Great matchup vs. STL this week, otherwise he'd be outta there already.)

Anyway, good luck in the playoffs!