Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Change

As I haven't had much time to mull over my transfer this week, I've simply brought Paintsil in for the in-out Traore to play for the next few weeks (@Sto, Mid, Bla and @WH in the next 6 weeks). I still want a new premium defender for Agger but until Liverpool's fixtures are harder than Chelsea's in coming weeks and so I really want to get another Chelsea defender. However, until Carvalho returns there is no one I can afford who is anymore certain to play than Agger. I'm gonna stick with Agger then until Carvalho is back and fit and ready for a long run in the side which has just one top rated game in the next 8.

I currently have 45% of my cash invested in my midfield, which aside from Young's 15 points last week has been terrible in the past month. Lampard and Ronaldo have failed to notch an assist or goal between them in the past 3 games, and Ronaldo has looked miserable and was playing extremely deep last week, which gave me my first thoughts of ditching him this season. On the bright side I can see Young enjoying a bit more consistency in the upcoming weeks as Villa don't face a top rated defensive side until week 26. Valencia is still a target for me to transfer out and I will look to draw up a shortlist this week. Marney is still a well priced sub.

Finally Zaki is back! I stood to lose 0.6m if I got rid of the Egyptian so I have hung tough and stuck with him. With 6 favourable matchups coming up, I am hoping the big man can repay this faith. When fit I still think he is the best value forward in the game by a distance. Defoe has 2 goals in his last 4 games, though hasn't scored more than 6 points since week 7. Pompey have a nice stretch of games in the next 5 though it gets a bit tougher after this which is when I will move Defoe on to start my three man rotation. Cole is a major flop at the moment and I want to replace him as soon as I can free up some cash. The West Ham striker hasn't found the net since week 7 and has a sickening 9 points since that point.

How do you all feel about your teams? What do you think are the big issues for the busy christmas period?


Ashwin said...

My big issue is captaincy as always, and finding a decent high priced forward.
I should probably fix my defecne to go big 4, but I'm very tempted to draft in some Boltoners (i.e. Steinsson and Jaask) over Christmas so I can buy some big Man U players.

TD Ocho said...

On my to-do list right now is Traore, Agger, Figueroa, Delap, and Ameobi out. I'm trying to buff up my defense but it's tough when 26+ pounds are going to 2 guys who have been combining for 6 points a week.

Silent Jay said...

My biggest issue seems to be... scoring points. 42, 30, 29 since GW14, and 35 this week with only Lamps & A.Cole to go. And that's after getting lucky with CRon's "big name" bonus points as captain. 1 goal and 2 assists over 4 weeks (for the whole TEAM) is obviously not good enough.

Squad/Transfer issues:
Zayatte - with the Hull D conceding for 8 consecutive games now, he's overpriced at 4.2.

Bent(ched) - Got him for a little profit, which worked out great. Time to move on. Bellamy, KJones, Cisse, Elmander, DiMichele (or Cole if he can find some form) as replacement options.

Marney - started on the bench this week. Wait and see. But maybe Barmby as an even cheaper reserve.

I also want to bring in Ryan Taylor after Wigan's off week, and/or Luke Young (for the aforementioned Zayatte.) Ricketts is also a cheap-as-they-come option at 3.9. Taylor possibly the best value, though.

Of course, any move I make seems to be doomed this year, so none of that might make any difference. My transfer list since about GW10 reads like the who-is-who of players who have sucked lately. Zayatte (nothing), Agger (benched), Villanueva (benched), Lampard (nothing), Bent (nothing, then benched), Belhadj (nothing), Geovanni (1 assist. Woohoo!), Ireland (nothing), Defoe (nothing).

But maybe this week things will start to turn around. Brought in Paintsil (clean sheet) at the last minute, as well as A.Cole who should, could, might, perhaps, possibly, potentially also get a CS... maybe.