Monday, January 12, 2009

Mixed Doubles

We all knew about United's double gameweek this week, but with two games postponed this week four more teams will enjoy double gameweeks over the coming weeks (along with United and Fulham who play their rearranged game from months ago).
Although all double gameweeks carry value, some are clearly more valuable than others. For example, United's week 25 schedule sees them travel to West Ham and entertain Fulham. Whilst Fulham have improved greatly this season United should be able to see off both these opponents and have a great chance to notch two clean sheet and score maybe 3, 4 or even goals.
Blackburn on the other hand will likely face a tougher double as they travel to Fulham and could see United, Arsenal, Liverpool or Everton as their second game (who they face between weeks 26 and 32).
Until the fixture list is reset is isn't worth taking too many gambles now, but what is for sure is that United are a great play in week 25 and Fulham players could be very valuable if they face two double gameweeks in the space of a month.
A quick look at the team sheets give some suggestions at who might capitalise both from this schedule quirk:

Man United
Okay, so there's nothing new here, I've probably considered the entire United team at some point this season. However, some players do look likelier than others to capitalise.
United have eight (yes eight) straight clean sheets during a run which featured Chelsea and Villa alongside some easier opponents. With Bolton, West Brom and Everton on the horizon before the double week I recommend (and will be moving towards) having two United defenders if your budget stretches. Evra presents the best value Vidic has the highest PPMS, though could be hard to fit in at 7.5m. Therefore Evra is probably the best choice as he costs just 6.3m Van der Sar is also a great option at just 5.9m. Ferdinand is an injury risk right now and the right back position is still too uncertain. If Ferdinand is declared unfit, feel free to pounce on the bargain Evans (4.3m) who has played the last three.
Elsewhere, Ronaldo looked dangerous (about time) and is a must captain for the next few weeks for me. With Carrick benched the midfield still doesn't offer too many fantasy options and I still feel Rooney and Berbatov are a touch expensive and could be up for rotation as the Champions League approaches.

Mark Schwarzer is currently the best value player in the whole game (1.065 PPMS) and is a legitimate every week starter from now on. The same can probably be said for Paintsil, Hughes, Konchesky and Hangeland. One note of caution here is that Fulham's run in is very tricky and they face no less than 8 red light games in their last 12. My advice would therefore be to add one or two Fulham players to capitalise on their double-double but not to move your squad to three of them. It will be too hard to get rid of them by the time the tough run comes and the clean sheets surely become harder to find.
Elsewhere, Bullard remains good fantasy value, though inconsistency elsewhere have made it hard to pick many of his teammates. Murhpy and Davies are decent rotation options and look set to play 90 mins every week over the coming games. Zamora is very cheap and makes a good bench player in that you know he will at least play. However, his goal tally is poor and he shouldn't be considered as a weekly starter even for those with budget strike forces.

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Silent Jay said...

Damn, Evra is out again. That pretty much leaves zero options (for me) in the United defense. They're all either rotated, or too expensive. (I'm not paying more than 6.5 for defender. Unless maybe Ryan Taylor moves to United/Chelsea/Liverpool and continues in midfield... which I'm sure is about as likely as Kaka and Ronaldinho both joining City next week.)