Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Transfers

I've decided to spend 4 points this week and bring in Carvalho and O'Shea for Agger and Evra. I hate to give up the 4 points but with two players unlikely to play (Agger) and out (Evra) I need to ring the changes. O'Shea is pretty much guaranteed a game with United suffering through so many defensive injuries and Carvalho is a great play for the next two weeks (Stoke and Boro at home).
After that I plan to move O'Shea out for Skrtel and probably Carvalho for Evra. I will also consider van der Sar for Reina to load up United players as they hit their typical United late season form.

Who are you guys moving in and out this week? Who do you like over the coming weeks? I will be doing my first running diary in a while tomorrow so please log on as we track our teams once more.


Ashwin said...

As I've mentioned before, two enforced changes. Malbranque and Elmander out, Defoe and Dempsey in.

When looking at Fulham players, I was worried about Bullards injury/potential transfer. Murphy seemed reasonable, and even though he has a set piece threat.. he actually hasn't been that productive.

I went for Dempsey because he knows where the goal is, he's been playing with swagger, and has been getting consistent game time.

I can't wait to see any marquee transfers that happen. Arshavin for one would be incredible! My plans for coming weeks will be to get rid of Cech, Figueroa, Carrick with the idea of bringing in Schwarzer, Steinsson, and perhaps Murphy/Bullard/Arteta/Cahill... you get the drift.

Ashwin said...

By the way Chris, I'm coming for you in the league!
Are you worried at all?
I have Berba captain this week, i've only had a good captain 2ice this season.

Chris Glover said...

I am actually. You've been in great from since Christmas with a very impressive 84 last week. We have a quite a bit of overlap with Ronaldo vs Berbatov being the main differenetiators. Its certainly gonna be tight.

Silent Jay said...

I managed to restrict myself to getting Skrtl for Belhadj. I really wanted to get Carvalho for Evra as well (and nearly did), but for once managed to stop myself. Just as well, I suppose. Saved me at least 4 points... as long as Paintsil doesn't get himself sent off tomorrow or something.