Thursday, July 30, 2009

Darren Bent - The Truth

No fantasy analysis here, just had to share the comedy tweetings of Darren Bent:

July 29th 3:25am - "this is the longest day in the world. flipping hec"

July 29th 9:34am -
"Soon as I have news ill let ya'll know don't worry"

July 30th 11:31 -
"Seriously getting pi**ed off now"

July 30th 13:27 -
"Sunderland are not the problem in the slightest"

July 30th - 17:41
"Do I wanna go Hull city NO. Do I wanna go stoke NO do I wanna go sunderland YES so stop f***ing around levy"

Probably won't be heading back to Spurs then? Would be amusing if he signed for Hull or Stoke now.

On a more interesting note, is this the future of sports news? Three seperate sports have been affected by athletes breaking news in the past few weeks. Kevin Love broke news of Kevin McHale departure from the TWolves, Phil Hughes spilled the beans on his dropping from the Aussie cricket team and now Bent has clearly broken silence on where he wants to ply his trade next year.

Exciting times for today's 'now' generation, and there could be fantasy ramifications. Imagine if we can follow Cesc Fabregas who annouces he is "gutted" to miss out on today's game at 9:32am on matchday. Or reading that Adebayour is especially fired up for today's game against Everton.


auburn.tigers2011 said...

Hey Im new to the blog but so far Im loving it! This comment isn't about Bent so if you don't want to reply then I understand...

I was wondering your thoughts on Wolves' Ebanks-Blake and Milijas being used on my fantasy team. I need these two to complement me putting Lampard and TOrres on my team. E-B and Milijas both did well last year in their respective leagues, do you think that will translate well to this year? Thanks!

Chris Glover said...

I like Ebanks Blake alot and have him in provisional team right now. I don't think he'll net 15+ goals but I can certainly see 8-12 and he should benefit from bonus points as Wolves don't have too many other players.
I have never seen Milijas play but I have heard positive reviews. I think he could be interesting in a few weeks but for 6m I need to know how good he is and proven players like Malbranque, Richardson and Geovanni are available for the same cost. I have been burnt by 'promising' players before so I might advise holding off for now.