Monday, August 17, 2009

Bye Week Blues

Six teams have a missing gameweek 2 due to the European fixtures being played by Arsenal, Villa and Everton. It was advisable to not load up on these players in your team, but of course it would be crazy to totally ignore players from top teams simply for this one off week. However, if you find yourself with more than 3 players away, who should you transfer out to hurt you least?

By looking at the fixtures following the bye week it gives an indication as who is the best player to move. Of the six teams with a bye, Arsenal have the worst fixtures in the weeks 3, 4 and 5 facing Portsmouth at home (1.68 GPG) and then tricky trips to Man Utd (0.58 GPG) and Man City (0.95 GPG). Equally, Villa face trips to Liverpool (0.63 GPG) and Birmingham as well as a home game against Fulham (1.05).
City on the other hand face Wolves and Arsenal (0.95 GPG) at home, as well as a trip to Portsmouth (1.63 GPG) which should allow Hughes' men to have some success immediately after their bye (although they don't actually have a week off as they face Barcelona in a friendly).

In short, with Villa's tough fixtures and shaky opening day form I would advise moving your Villains on rather than hold them on your bench if it means not fielding a full strength side. I would even go so far as to say suggest selling one of your Arsenal boys for the next four weeks as three of these look like being low scoring weeks, with only the Portsmouth game likely to bear fruit.

City players however will cost you two transfers as you will want them immediately back before the promising games against Wolves and Portsmouth come around. Everton, West Ham and Bolton have mixed bags of fixtures so ideally you would save your transfers for a more pressing need, though losing Everton defenders at this point would be a good idea regardless of the fixture list.

Do not panic over the gameweek, but also be cautious to not pay too high a price to hold your Arsenal stars as however well they play against Portsmouth (even scoring 6 again) they are unlikely to generate enough points as someone who plays 4 easy teams in the coming weeks. I wouldn't pay four points to move these players on, but you don't want to be sat with the same look as Arsene above as your multi million pound players sit idly on the bench.


skipdeedy said...

Hey Chris, interesting choice this week, in-form Chelsea away to a sturdy Sunderland and off-colour Liverpool at home to an equally solid Stoke. Lampard or Gerrard, who do you fancy this week as el capitán?


Chris Glover said...

While extremely competitive at home, Stoke had the worst non-relegated defense in the league last year (40 goals conceded) while Sunderland at home were average, shipping 25.
The intangible factors also point me towards Liverpool as they will fired up after the opening day loss and people seemingly writing them off already, where the Mackems should get a terrific home crowd for Bruce's home debut. I'd go Stevey this week.

NotoriousDre said...

chris, here is another tough choice...
lampard, drogba or rooney as captain for gameweek 2?

Chris Glover said...

Its got to be Rooney this week. He is a very streaky striker, having only scored in a stand alone game once last year in the League. On all other occasions he put together a socring run of at least 2 games, which is encouraging after his goal on Sunday. I am starting to think I underrated his a bit and perhaps he really can get the 25 goals Ferguson suggests.
Lampard and Drogba are both of course excellent choices too and Lampard doesn't often register back-to-back dud games so expect something from him too.

If I had to pick I'd go Rooney though. Thanks for reading and posting, its your comments that make the blog more interesting.