Monday, September 21, 2009

Gameweek 6 Wrapup

Another great weekend of action is in the books, and some interesting conclusions can be drawn:
  1. The big four is still a big four, at least for now. The two big challengers stepped up, and were duly dispatched by their more successful neighbours, with Spurs putting up less of a fight than City. City were unfortunate to lose in the circumstances but overall their defensive frailty, particularly in the air, were exposed and they will struggle to break the big four unless this area is improved. Spurs meanwhile were easily dismissed, and again, despite being unlucky to not get a penalty for a foul on Robbie Keane, they were easily the weaker side on the day.
  2. The big strikers keep on rolling. I feel somewhat vindicated for my controversial decision to drop Lampard in favour of big name strikers, as Drogba, Van Persie, Torres, Rooney and Agbonlahor all finding the net. Of the 8m+ midfielders only Cesc, Kuyt and Ballack scored for their respective sides.
  3. The promoted sides are for real and all three notched solid wins this weekend. While not exactly fantasy goldmines, good players can be found within each, and they offer better value than those from struggling sides such as Bolton and Portsmouth.
Prediction Assessment
My clean sheet predictions were only okay with top ranked Villa and Arsenal delivering the goods while Sunderland and Fulham were very disappointing. My only defense on the horrible Sunderland pick is my caveat that Cattermole didn't play but nevertheless the pick is indefensible.

The captaincy picks fared better with Agbonlahor (2), Drogba (4) and Van Persie (5) all delivering good games. Top pick Gerrard let the side down a little with no goals but still managed to add 6 points in another solid display. The final pick - Cahill - disappointed in Everton's good win over Blackburn and only managed 3 points. Overall I am pleased with these picks and I hope they led to some good decisions for your teams this week.

Market Watch
Thomas Vermaelen - the Arsenal defenders' price is certain to rise this week, and indeed has already risen by 0.1 by Monday morning. I would expect his price to hit 7m within a few weeks based on the favourable matchups his Arsenal team have. I'm not usually a fan of buying defenders based on their attacking ability but Vermaelen is more than just headers and deflections and could genuinely be a star.

Darren Fletcher - United's midfield lacks fantasy firepower and people are dying to bring someone in. Fletcher's two goals are the exception and not a rule so I would advise staying off this bandwagon.

James Milner - Milner's penalty duties got my attention, along with 14,000 other managers. This should lead to a 0.1 price rise this week and he is good value at 6.9m. Villa get Chelsea and City in the next three weeks so I wouldn't dive all over him just yet but he is definitely worth shortlisting.

Wayne Rooney - another goal (6 in 6) and a ridiculous award of 2 bonus points will keep the attention of fantasy owners and his value could rise again this week. The fact that United have to travel to Stoke, Liverpool and Chelsea in the next 6 weeks hurt his value a bit but I reluctantly concede that Rooney in on good form right now and you could do worse than ride the wave while he's hot.

Stay tuned this week for posts on Cesc Fabregas, the promoted sides and more ramblings of an obsessive fantasy addict.


NotoriousDre said...

bang on assesment.....

the Rooney bonus points was laughable...but im not complaining.

Friedel got hosed..he didnt even get a bonus point! Also Cole for a goal and assist was left bonus pointless....

cant wait to see your analysis for the upcoming week!

skipdeedy said...
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skipdeedy said...

Hi Chris.

Well done on the big scoring week. Quick question: What do you make of Diaby and his long term place in the Arsenal starting 11?


Bojan said...

i wanted to ask what do you think of diaby and denilson, rosicky too?

Bojan said...

i think that rosicky will get to play ahead diaby you?

TD Ocho said...

As if things weren't going bad enough, I dropped Torres in favor of Rooney this week ha.

Chris said...

Chris, I must say, since following your blog I have fared much better in fantasy as well as keeping up with current trends and news. The use of the EPL chalkboard to support your opinions is absolutely superb. I love reading your blog!

Keep up the good work! :D

Can't wait for the Fabregas assessment this week.

Gunner said...

Hi Chris,

Great blog. I'm a first time user/reader of this insightful blog.

I've got a query (i've been going back and forth with this in my mind), which i'd appreciate your advice on;

I'm currently 3rd in my private league (6 points behind 1st). i've already made my change for the next GW. Vermaelen in for Lescott. Now, i've got drogba in my team as well but he'll definately NOT start/play this weekend due to his injury (i pray it's just cramps).





I've got two scenarios i'm thinking of;

1) Dropping Drogba to the bench and only playing Torres upfront. Playing my full compliment of defenders and starting Huddleston, lennon, ferguson and lamps. My reasoning behind this is, i reckon drogba will be back for the next game and taking a 4 point knock (WC already used) might hurt me in terms of losing more ground on 1st place.

2) Take the 4 point knock by dropping Drogba for either RVP or Saha. Maybe even going as far as taking an 8 point knock by bringin in both RVP and Saha (altidore out). I've got the cash to do this. But that would mean i'd need to sell twice to bring Drogba back in. Plus who would be the better option RVP or Saha?

Your advice will be very much apreciated. I look forward to your reply.

Chris Glover said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. I've said it before, but its your input that makes the blog interesting.

Skip/Bojan - See Arsenal post for my thoughts on the future of this team (to be posted tonight).

Gunner - first of all thanks for posting, and you've assembled a very nice looking team. Having suffered through several failed 4 points losses a couple of season back, I would almost always recommend avoiding spending points, apart from favourable double week matchups.

Your defense looks in good shape and I really like Everton, Villa and Arsenal though obviously Shawcross carries some concern. That being said, while United have done well on the road this year (8 in 3), last year they scored just 25 goals away from Old Trafford and Stoke are very solid at home. After the epic derby they might relax a little and Shawcross is therefore not a disaster of a pick (especially consider his threat from set pieces).

Spurs have a great fixture so Lennon and Huddlestone are a lock, and Ferguson also looks good value against a poor Bolton side. Jimenez has a potentially tricky trip to City, so long as he comes through this week's Carling Cup game. Lampard is obviously a great pick.

I would therefore propbably go with Vermaelen, Baines, Distin, Collins, Lamps, Ferguson, Huddlestone, Lennon, Torres and either Shawcross/Jimenez depending of how much you fear the United attack at Stoke. Both of those boys should give you 2 points so Van Persie would have to get a minimum of 6 for you to break even.

Craig B said...
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