Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pure Juice rocked as captain Lampard is sold

Manchester (AP) -- The fantasy world was rocked today when the Juice announced there new lineup and Frank Lampard was nowhere to be seen. "I can confirm that with great regret and hesitation Frank Lampard has been sold and will be replaced by Cesc Fabregas", commented manager Glover.

In what was a busy week for the Juice, with no less than 12 changes to the squad, Glover was quick to add that the team will be able to gel quickly and that he expects a big gameweek 6 from all the new players. "A few of the new lads were brought in specifically with the next few weeks in mind and they need to deliver as soon as possible". Glover is in no doubt referring to Villa paid Collins and Dunne who face Portsmouth at home today, where a clean sheet is expected by most pundits.

While his strategy has not been made clear, the likely lineup for gameweek 6 is:
S.Wright Phillips
R.Van Persie (c)

Glover also has options on the bench with T.Huddlestone, B.Assou Ekotto, M.Jarvis and B.Foster all ready for selection should any of the firm team start to struggle.

How these changes will affect the Juice's fortunes is yet to be seen, though it's certain that Glover will not be satisfied with his team's current league position and will do all he can to move up league in the coming weeks.


NotoriousDre said... just made me laugh out loud and woke my wife (its 7am where i am the world..T&T)

good luck with your squad this week. It has the potential to accumulate alot of points!

dont worry, i will play Lampard for you this week. You know how players like to have big games to show the (old) gaffa that dropped them they still have it! :-)

Chris Glover said...

That's my genuine concern. Lampard will somehow get wind of this slight on his ability and respond with a 2 goal, 2 assist, 3 bonus point game. Or maybe I just think too much about fantasy football! haha.

NotoriousDre said...

good to know...i thought i was the only one addicted...friday nights i go to bed dreaming what players to wake up early saturday morning and select!

goke313 said...

lmaoooo....out of all the players you choose to replace Lampard with you pick Cesc...LOL
you could maneuver a move to obtain Kuyt/Lennon in midfield

for DEF
Vermaelen/Johnson(Liverpool)...take your pick are must have's for the DEF

as far as FWD...replace RVP with Rooney or Adebayor when he comes back

Bojan said...

what do you think?
Assou-Ekotto, Dunne, A.Cole
Fabregas, Hunt, Giggs, Huddlestone, Elliott
Drogba, Keogh, Defoe

i cant decide
Elliott(Koumas) and Keogh(Kitson)

skipdeedy said...

Chris, what can I say? I'm really surprised at your choice. Funny post though.

I have also made the Fabregas move but I swapped out Gerrard and kept Lampard. I only intend to keep Fab for the next 5/6 games and then go back to Gerrard. I expect to make a few bob when I transfer him back out too fingers crossed.

Why I'm surprised at your decision is that Chelsea have in my opinion the easier 6 upcoming fixtures and although I agree Lamps hasn't been performing at full pace, he is still matching and bettering Gerrard each week for fantasy points.

Good luck with your decision!

Bojan said...
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Bojan said...

one more question
bellamy(man city) or bent (sunderland) for defoe?
i watched bellamy against arsenal and manutd he played very good...

Chris Glover said...

Goke - How come you are so down on Cesc? His 36 points in just 4 games represent a better PPG (9.0) figure than both Lampard (6.66) and Gerrard (6.5) and in terms of value, his PPMS of 1.032 is far superior to Lampard (.543) and Gerrard (.525).

SkipDeedy - in terms of schedule, based on goals in this season only, Arsenal's opponents concede 1.48 GPG over the next 8 weeks. Chelsea's opponents concede 1.35 in the same period. Using a rolling schedule based on the end of last year and the start of this year, Arsenal's opponents average 1.36 and Chelsea average 1.14.

Bojan - I like the team though I doubt the long term playing time for Giggs as the Champions League starts to heat up. Of your two choices I like Koumas and Keogh. If Bellamny plays (and isn't suspended) he is a good pickup though with Robinho and Adebayor due back in the coming weeks his playing time cannot be guaranteed.

NotoriousDre said...

What do you guys think about this side...i plan on using my wildcard this week. I was planning on doing it later (after world cup qualifying) but someone in my privae league forced my hand. I'm currently leading, so he used his wildcard and bought my entire forward line and midfield. So i decided to shake up my backline (im not messing with my fwds and midfield).

Foster (MU)
Sorensen (SC)

Vermaelen (AR)
Cole (CH)
Ricketts (BW)
Mears (BU)
Zayate (HC)

Lampard (CH)
Gerrard (LI)
Jarvis (WW)
Cohen (BW)
Rodwell (EV)

Drogba (CH)
Rooney (MU)
Hines (WH)

Vermaelen is a short term buy (taking adv of Arsenal schedule). I plan to spread that money around to get Richards and Collins later.

Foster may also be short term...waitng to see what SAF does with his keepers.

goke313 said...

keep Lampard...Cesc just lucked out with the 1st game

Chris Glover said...

Dre - I like it alot. You should get a couple of clean sheets a week based on the presence of a couple of big four defenders plus you then have two premium mids and forwards.

Love the Hines pick, though you need to check the injury status off Drogba in case his calf injury is more than cramp. I like Torres a little more than Rooney but aside from dropping Foster for, say, Hart, its gonna be tough to free up the extra cash needed.

I would also be a bit worried about Ricketts as Bolton are poor right now and I like Parnaby a bit more. As you say, it would be ideal to get Collins in as another solid option at the back.

NotoriousDre said...
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NotoriousDre said...

thanks Chris!

I too have doubts about Ricketts. Will do some research into Parnaby.

Yeah, the Didier issue is the only reason i have not played the wildcard yet.

you've read my mind....if Didier cant play i will choose Torres and pick Hart instead of Foster.

if he is fit, i can sub out Ricketts for Collins sooner rather than later,

i still have to go through the and see if Sorensen and Hart schedule compliment each other. I remember you did a piece on that topic...guess i have to re-read it.

thanks for the input.
will let you know when i "pull the trigger"

skipdeedy said...

Hi Chris. My comment earlier wasn't to question your decision to bring in Cesc, in fact I have done the same but I chose to swap out Gerrard and keep Lampard (I had both). You opted for Lampard, so I wondered why as I thought you had both as well.

Should have I kept Gerrard?

NotoriousDre said...

Change in plan....Didier is out until Liverpool game.

so i going to Torres for a week and then switch back for the Chelsea Vs Liverpool clash.

Collins will purchase will have to be put on the back burner (week 10).

Took your advise...sold Foster and bought Hart.

Milan said...

im thinking of using wildcard and my eam will be like this:


Faye Ab



NotoriousDre said...

@ Milan...

that is probably the most offensive minded back 5 I've ever seen! You'll be tempted to play 2-3-5 nearly every week

i'm concerned about:

Johnson...Liverpool has not shown the tightness at the back customary with a big 4 team.

Hunt...he has seemed to come back to earth in recent games. But Hull has a good schedule from week 8 to 13.

Faye...Stoke has a brutal month ahead.

Milan said...

i will play 4-4-2, replace hunt and get Elliott maybe Jarvis