Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week 11 Break

Apologies to all readers but I am not going to be able to write a preview this week due to work commitments. Normal service will resume after the weekend with hopefully more time to discuss and review all the fantasy news from around the league.
- Chris -


NotoriousDre said...

no prob Chris...

handle ya business!

Larbi said...

Damn shame. You always give priceless nuggets to chew on.

NotoriousDre said...


let me see if i can help!

most seem to be going with some combination of Collins/Dunne/Milner/Gabby for the double week. I cant see Aston Villa keping 2 clean sheets (maybe 1 if hey get lucky).

The best bets from West Ham seem to be Carlton Cole. He is in form and coming off a great game against Arsenal and was unlucky not to get any bonus points. Games against Sunderland & Aston Villa are not easy fixtures; but Cole seems to be the point of the West Ham Fantasy points. I would not be comfotable playing and West Ham defenders. Upson may be worth a go due to his attacking threat.

Rooney is back and against a depleted Blackburn, he may be worth a go...but the fixture against Chelsea (away) is quite a difficult one. Rooney may be a better pick up after the Chelsea game. Man U has good 3-4 fixtures afterwards.

The Captain picks for this week is a difficult you go for:

1. A Villa player
2. Carlton Cole
3. Cesc
4. Didier
5. Rooney

what are you guys opinions?

Anonymous said...


I prefer the analysis that Chris gives!! LMAO. Jus kidding buddy...pretty much spot on with what I am intending on doing with my tactics.

Good work.

NotoriousDre said...

@ Collin,

i prefer Chris analysis also! lol.

im going with 2 villa defenders and milner

im torn whether to take a 4pt hit to get Rooney or C. Cole!

still completely lost as to who to make my Captain!

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Good idea Dre... This week the readers should do the analysis. Certainly all of our analysis and input on other people's analysis might come close to Chris' analysis and input. Ill start with my top 5 captain picks...

Top 5 Captains

1) Any Villa player
--Obviously for the double gameweek. Even though the chance for clean sheets isn't high I think Dunne and Collins are still good picks for their clean sheet and goal scoring chances. (Dunne is my captain pick so I may be biased here)

2) Rooney
--He is due in a big way and Blackburn have given up 16 goals when playing away

3) Fabregas
--Arsenal scores a lot of goals, especially at home. Until he lets me down Fabregas will always be high on my captain picks. Even last week with no goals or assists he got 3 bonus points (he has gotten all 3 bonus points the last 3 games)

4) Van Persie
--Look at Fabregas above. Arguably could be switched with Fabregas.

5) Drogba
--Bolton is tied with giving up the most home goals. Plus they haven't kept a clean sheet this entire season. Having scored 8 goals this season I think Drogba does it atleast once when Chelsea travels to Bolton

Feel free to criticize my picks (you won't hurt my feelings) or point out what you agree with.

NotoriousDre said...

1. Van Persie
2. Drogba
3. Cesc
4. Villa player
5. Rooney/C. Cole

I agree that Arsenal at home is a tempting fixture..especially now that the Spurs will be with out Defoe, Lennon & Woodgate. Van Persie has been very consistent in the past few weeks. I have Cesc at #3 this week. The bonus point judges seem to love him!

Drogba is in form...and Bolton is not exactly a stellar defensive side. I can see him on the scoresheet again!

I place Villa players at #4. I maybe vastly wrong, but i see no Villa player getting more that 8pts from this double week. That output is great if you do captain one of them; but i can also see players with only 4pts. I comes down to your gut feeling.

CC, as i said before is te point of the Hammers sword. They have been consistent in scoring goals and Cole would be the best bet.

Rooney (im a Man U fan) is out of form..but Blackburn has the ability (or lack there of) to reverse that fact. I can envision (or is it hope) him getting a brace against them...
Rooney will be a real punt is compared to the others.

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Dre or anyone, Any thoughts as to clean sheets?

Otis said...

Thanks for all your help this season Chris, you've certainly earned a break. Still, I'll be happy when you're back at full fantasy strength.

And thank you to everyone else, I will be looking here for advice when needed.

Perhaps this is a good opportunity for me to do my own research while picking my team. After leaving 17 points on the bench week 10 and ten in week 9, I'm hoping to have a big week. Hopefully one of my keepers will play (Sorenson and Cudicini).

Andrew said...

Good to see everyone contributing with Chris absent this week!

1/2. Milner/Agbonlahor/Young: I don't include Dunne and Collins since I can see both West Ham and Everton scoring. I'd captain Milner over either Gabby or Young and Agbonlahor over Young.

3. Drogba: See auburn.tigers2011

4. RVP: RVP has scored at least 6 in each of the last 6 games. That's too tough to ignore.

5. Rooney: See auburn.tigers2011

Clean Sheet:
1. Chelsea: They've only conceded one goal at home. I think after this weekend, that number will remain at one.

2. Stoke: They always have a good shot at a clean sheet at home. This week they host Wolves who have only scored

3. Wigan: They play Portsmouth, enough said.

4. Liverpool: They play a toothless Fulham team. Liverpool's defense hasn't been as good as years past, but I don't expect them to concede in this game. Especially if Danny Murphy doesn't play.

5. Burnley: Hull at home. Burnley are a lot better at home than away.

AC 509 week 11:
bikey TURNER evra FAYE
milner(C) FABREGAS elliot
bent VAN PERSIE adebayor

hart HUNT distin MURPHY

Andrew said...

@ Otis
Sorenson should play. He missed last week with a virus. You should transfer Cudicini since Gomes gets the starts again.

NotoriousDre said...
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NotoriousDre said...

Clean sheets

1. Man United
2. Stoke
3. Chelsea
4. Burnley
5. Man City

skipdeedy said...
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skipdeedy said...

No love for Adebayor away to Birmingham? Man City are not goal shy.

Andrew said...

@ Skipdeedy

I considered Adebayor for my captains list, but ultimately decided against it. Man City just have too many players to spread the points around to risk making one my captain. Birmingham has also conceded fewer goals at home than everyone but Chelsea. They've also only conceded more than 2 just once, and that was at Arsenal.

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Any big injuries going into the weekend we need to know about?

NotoriousDre said...
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NotoriousDre said...

Saha picked up a knock midweek...not sure of his status for weekend...probable

Warnock picked up a knock also...

Neville picked up a red card last he is out. O'shea will probable take his place.

Lennon is out i believe (ankle)

Bent is fit...Gerrard will most likely start.

@ Skip,

Ade has a slightly strained knee ligament. And imo, still trying to catch his legs after his suspension.

Birmingham has been solid at home...cant see City running up the score.

Jay said...

Gerrard and Johnson are out for Liverpool.

Bent is a better than 50/50 chance to start.

United are ravaged on their back line with Ferdinand, Vidic, and Neville all out. Giggs picked up a knock, Park and Fletcher are both out, and Welbeck picked up a knock as well.

Sorenson should get recalled as he seems to be over the flu-like bug that was bothering him last week.

Cole, Bosingwa, Zhirkov, and Mikel are out for Chelsea. Kalou and Ivanovic both will face late fitness test to see whether they make the squad.

Defoe is out for Tottenham. Word is that Lennon is most likely out as well. However, that is yet to be confirmed.

I'm debating about Milner or Fab for my captain. I can see the derby being a shootout and Fab seems to rake in the bonus points. However, if Milner picks up a goal or assist in either of Villa's games, he will be tough to top.

Otis said...
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Otis said...

Thanks for all of the help, everyone, and good luck.

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