Friday, November 13, 2009

Turn off the Lamp?

Football 365 were reporting earlier in the day that Frank Lampard was about to be shut down for the season after he aggravated a thigh injury on the flight to Doha this week. Poor old Frank had to suffer the frankly medieval conditions of sitting in economy class! Perhaps Blatter and Ronaldo were right when they described modern day footballers as slaves - imagine having to sit in economy class for almost four hours. Well it seems that F365 have backtracked somewhat and the mention of being out for the season has now been removed, with the Chelsea official site suggesting three weeks and suggesting the rest of 2009.

This story could have huge fantasy implications with Lampard being considered by many (not me) to be the fantasy player and is owned by 30% of all players (6th most in the league). With Gerrard struggling for fitness and form and Fabregas in majestic form, the transfers between these two players could be monumental. The extra week off and high publicity the injury will receive will alert thousands of fantasy players and the jump on the Fabregas bandwagon could be swift and sizable. Already owned by 41% of all players, Fabregas could hit Ronaldo-like highs and top the 50% mark by the time he next suits up for the Gunners.

If you don't already own Fabregas then for most players the suggestion to sign him goes against my normal trends. 4 of his next 7 games are 'red light' games and with such a massive following he is the antithesis of a differentiator. However, as with Ronaldo in prior years I think you have to think about Fabregas more in terms of how you can afford not to have him, than how you can fit him into your team. Regardless of schedule he looks like a must-own, and unless the matchup is awful, possibly a must-captain. You need to move quickly though as most fantasy owners tend to make their transfers early and if confirmed as a long term casualty Lampard's value will collapse soon.

My advice has been to get Fabregas for Lampard anyway, in spite of the fixtures and the latest injury news. Lampard has looked good in the past few weeks and thoughts of having both were starting to blossom in my mind. The injury obviously puts an end to that and Lampard should be sold immediately as the best case scenario still see him missing three games.


Jay said...

How do you feel about Essien? Do you think his productivity will increase with Lampard sidelined? Seems like he has some good value right now.

Chris Glover said...

I like Essien alot, and his chalkboard's show his efficiency, though he doesn't shoot enough to ever be a top flight fantasy player. In Lampard's absence I can see the standard midfield being Essien, Cole, Ballack, Deco.
Mikel is also now fit which will allow Essien to push forward if required (particularly at home) and at 7.2 he does offer some value. Cole is overpriced at 9m untul he prove his form while Ballack and Deco could be interesting at 8.1 and 8.4. I might do a seperate post on this quartile.

NotoriousDre said...


now that Lamps is reasoning for playing him alongside Cesc has been dismissed to the depth of my subconscience.

im going to stay with my 3 prong attack of RVP, Drogba & Rooney...ably supported by Cesc. This will only change do to the African Nation's Cup (and injury).

Any news on Modric?

Mish said...

The Sun says Drogba is out for 3 weeks.
I have Agbon, RVP, Drogba up front.
I'm thinking replacing Drog for Rooney, what's on this Chris?

Andrew said...

RVP also picked up an injury today. Initial reports are showing 2 to 3 months out. Looks like he's a definite transfer out now for fantasy managers. I would wait a bit longer on Drogba as some reports are hopeful he will play against Wolves.

Rooney is the obvious choice to replace either Drogba or RVP. I was going to switch Rooney in for RVP this week anyways. I also really like Man City's fixtures in the medium term, so I'd consider Adebayor/ Bellamy / Tevez as decent buys too.

Its starting to get to that time of year when clean sheets come more readily. I think now is the best time to invest some money in defenders and keepers. The previous post by Chris highlighted the defenders to look at.

Since the big name strikers are going down like a cheap hooker, we need to look at some cheaper options for striker.

Carlton Cole and West Ham have good fixtures for the next 5, only the Man U game presents a problem. I think Cole is the best option in the 6.5m - 8m range over the next 5 gameweeks.

Kevin Davies of Bolton is my second favorite cheap forward. Bolton have a great schedule for the next two months. I would be happy to have Davies as my third striker.

Bobby Zamora (yeah, you read that right) has been showing some consistency this year, I really like him as the best budget striker. He's got a double gameweek against Birmingham and Blackburn this week too.

Eduardo/ Arshavin have the chance to shine now. RVP is out for a while and Bendtner is injured as well. I don't know what Wenger will choose to throw out as his line-up with so many players injured, but one or both of these two are guaranteed to feature up front.

Mmmarek83 said...

Hei:) I already have Lampard and Cesc. What to do You think Dempsey as a replacement of Lampard fo double gameweek?