Friday, January 8, 2010

Postponement Chaos

Rule number one of fantasy football is to field a full side of 11 players every week and preferably have at least one sub ready to step in in case of a last minute injury. This week is going to be the exception to the rule. With four games off:
  • Liverpool v Spurs
  • Fulham v Portsmouth
  • Sunderland v Bolton, and
  • Burnley v Stoke
many managers are going to be struggling to pick a side this week. The key here is not to overreact. Do not throw 4 point transfer fees around just to field a team this week and don't transfer out players with good future prospects just because they are off this week. Also remember that if you own a player whose value has significantly risen (eg Fabregas) then you will lose money if you sell him with the intention of buying him back.

If I make two transfers, as I was considering anyway, I will be able to play 10 men and I'm happy with that. If you think you can manage in GW23, City and United players might be worth the 4 point hit as you will get back the extra game in week 22. Don't go crazy though or you will be left short handed again in GW23.

As always, post your thoughts below or @plfantasy.


Steven said...

Terrible, not sure who else on the bus plays in the Premier League but reports are that Adeboyer is unharmed.

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Hopefully no more games are cancelled because at the moment I can field 11 players. What is the forcast for tomorrow?

Steven said...

Chelsea-Hull City canceled now as well.

auburn.tigers2011 said...

With these conditions, would a better strategy be to captain a striker or a defender? My defenders whose games are currently not cancelled are Dann, Gallas, and Brown. My strikers are Tevez and Rooney.

Im thinking Brown would be a good option since Bham dont score much. What do yall think?

Chris Glover said...

Auburn - defenders might be a good idea but I really like Tevez this week. I'd go with him but Gallas and Brown would be okay too.

Mish said...

i have only 9 players available this week

Andrew said...

I'm just giving up this week. With an 8 point hit I can have 6 available players.... My stroke of genius last week loading in Fulham players (91 point week for me!) hits me hard now. I'm About to pull the trigger to bring in Diamanti and Petrov for that 8 point hit, we'll see how much these ales taint my judgement.