Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wayne Rooney

First of all, an apology for last week as Rooney sat after I (wrongly) concluded that the signs seemed to be indicating he would play. This was made worse for many as Drogba was also benched and so many owners suffered through having 24m of striker on the bench. The situation took a further bad turn last night when Rooney suffered an ankle injury against Bayern Munich and left on crutches. With so little time left in the season, it might be best to cut your losses and bring in either Drogba or Torres now rather than delaying for a couple of weeks and having such a valuable asset sat on the bench.

More on this in the weekly preview to be posted tomorrow. Apologies for the lack of update this week, I am taking a few days off work in Berlin. I will have plenty of time to catch up during a 3hr layover tomorrow, so gameweek 33's preview might be a bit rambling (more so than usual).


AlumKnight said...

Great blog! I just wanted to ask: is lampard, Bendtner, and dropping Rooney, worth a 9 point deduction? (this would involve trading in two defenders that I've been meaning to do for awhile anyway)

goke313 said...

terrible week for me....Dunne @ -2
and both Drogba and Rooney not playing

Anonymous said...


skipdeedy said...

Ahh. Just transfered out Rooney for Torres and now Fabs out?

I thinking I might sit on Fab for a week. I'm not willing to spend the extra points to bring in Lampard. It will costs me 8 points by loosing Vermaelen for a cheap defender to free up some cash.

I know Fabs value will plummet but what's Lampard going to do against United?

Probably get another 20+ points knowing my luck.

Chris, how much do you expect Fabs value to drop by Saturday? Should I sit on it if I'm planning to bring in Lamps?

Thanks, Skip

Andrew said...

The replacement for Rooney is rather obvious in Torres. If for some reason you wanted to go cheap, you could go to Bent or Bendtner and feel good about it. I'd even consider Zamora and Saha as decent replacements given the fixtures.

But what about Fabregas?
1. Clint Dempsey:
His fixtures are probably some of the kindest from here out. With a double and home games against Wigan, West Ham and Wolves, he will have plenty of chances to get points.

2. Samir Nasri:
He is posed to take over the playmaker role for Cesc. Not as good as Fabregas, but still has the talent to pull the strings. Plus I think he will be on spot-kicks too.

3. Steven Gerrard:
This one makes me uneasy due to his lack of form this season. I do like the fixtures from here out, and Stevie G has the talent and onus to create.

4. Matthew Etherington:
Stoke have good, but not great, fixtures; a double plus two easy home games. The last three are against man u, chelsea and everton though.

5. Mikel Arteta:
The reason he isn't higher is because he is a doubt for this weekend. Otherwise, he was is great form and had decent fixtures until the end.

6. Lampard/Malouda:
I don't much like Chelsea for the finish. But you're not so crazy for picking up either of these in-form players.

7. James Milner:
(note: this was an afterthought since so many people already own him. Milner should probably be number one or two if you don't have him already.) He's pretty self explanatory. Villa have good fixtures and Milner should get some points.

Mish said...

how about Walcott?

skipdeedy said...

Update to my previous post.

I could take a 4 point hit and ditch Fab for the likes of Malouda. Already have Arteta, Pienaar, Dunn & Milner.

Thoughts anyone? Is Lampard the man to replace Fab?

I could also swap out Pienaar for cheap midfielder and then Fabs for Lamps.

Agh, the decisions!