Friday, April 16, 2010

Gameweek 35 Preview

The end is in sight and the window to make up those final points is closing fast. Though far from controversial or particularly insightful, Villa players having the double this week will give you a chance to make up some ground on your league and it might be worth paying 4 points to bring a couple of these players in.
The Manchester and London derbies (Che-Tot) take away alot of the value to be found in the league and Liverpool's (well, Torres) attention seems to have turned to Europe so he cannot be relied upon from here on in. Hence this week's rankings are a bit up and down and several players I have cut out could end up having decent games if they prove their fitness. I am simply not willing to have another 8m player on the bench after suffering through this several times over the past few weeks.

Clean Sheet Rankings
  1. Aston Villa (1.01 and 1.18)
  2. Birmingham (0.30)
  3. Liverpool (0.49)
  4. Fulham (0.57)
  5. Sunderland (0.64)
  6. Stoke (0.66)
  7. Arsenal (0.73)
  8. Blackburn (0.77)
  9. Tottenham (0.88)
  10. Hull (1.32 and 1.87)
  11. Portsmouth (1.39)
  12. Man City (1.44)
  13. Chelsea (1.48)
  14. Everton (1.56)
  15. Wigan (1.60)
  16. Man Utd (1.61)
  17. Bolton (1.95)
  18. Wolves (1.98)
  19. West Ham (3.10)
  20. Burnley (3.60)
I like the top 4 teams this week a lot and I would try and build your back line from these if you can. All four are worth buying given their decent fixtures and Fulham's double in week 37.

Captain Rankings
  1. Ashley Young
  2. James Milner
  3. Darren Bent
  4. Didier Drogba
  5. Emmanuel Adebayor
  6. Carlos Tevez
  7. Frank Lampard
  8. Richard Dunne
  9. Gabriel Agbonlahor
  10. Steve Gerrard
I have excluded Rooney, Torres and Van Persie on the basis that their fitness is too unreliable. If you already own them and don't wish to sell it may be worth captaining Torres and Van Persie as if they play they have very good fixtures; make sure you know who your backup captain will be though. I think

Good luck for the week ahead. Please post your thoughts/questions below or head over to Twitter where you can follow me @plfantasy.


David said...

can u guys help me with my team as it stands its

Hart (Sorensen)

Olsson, Hangeland, GJohnson, Collins

Etherington, Lampard, Bullard, Milner

Bent Drogba

Subs: Bendtner, Baines, Arteta

just can't make my mind up who to have in the 1st bench slot and who to play: Olsson, Bendtner, Ethers, Hangeland are the ones I have in mind. Hart v Sorensen is also difficult. My team is just too good this week. ur thoughts?

Chris Glover said...

David - I have the same GK issue and I've gone with Hart between the sticks. Birmingham are still v good at home and the odds say he is slightly better than Sorensen.

I like Etherington, Hangeland and Bendtner this week. I'd probably go:
Hart, Hangeland, Johnson, Collins, Etherington, Lampard, Milner, Bullard, Bent, Drogba, Bendtner

David said...

Cheers chris. I think I'll do that. With Olsson first reserve for when Ethers misses the squad today. But im playing Sorensen. Personally I thinks it's bad karma to have a Bullard v Hart situation in my team, upsets team chemistry. I back Jimmy the Lionheart to score at St Andrews (in my dreams, anyway.

Anonymous said...


David said...

i agree

dhs_media_ssharp said...

Does anyone think RVP is worth the risk? Nearly scored a brilliant free kick against spurs - a brilliant save from gomes.

Ryan said...

Who is a better buy - Adebayor or Defoe? Both players have a double coming up... I have a funny feeling Ade will perform well this gameweek against a weakened Arsenal backline.

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

...oh and I forgot to add: Is it worth selling our now-doubtful Drogba for this purpose?

David said...

@ryan yeh, i think drogba is done either way. either he gets rested/rotated with anelka or he plays but plays below himself like at spurs. Im going Drogba > Tevez. I think tevez is more key to city than ade, plus my rivals below have judas tevez, so it makes sense for me. Then next week it's bendtner> Pavluchenko, would be defoe if i could afford).

investing in city and spurs up front is def the high % move for the next couple.

Ryan said...

@David - haha we just got punk'd big time. Judas didn't get any goal or assist which pisses me off because I captained him and was hoping he could push my team up to 4th place in my league.