Friday, May 7, 2010

Gameweek 38 Preview

Apologies for the lack of posts this past week, work and commitments at home have taken over and I've barely even caught a game of footy never mind had chance to formulate some useful fantasy thoughts. I guess the good news is that with the season so close to finishing, it hopefully didn't cost anyone anything significant by not being able to talk through their team last week.

Clean Sheet Rankings
  1. Man Utd
  2. Everton
  3. Arsenal
  4. Aston Villa
  5. Chelsea
  6. Wolves
  7. Sunderland
  8. Hull
  9. Liverpool
  10. Tottenham
  11. Bolton
  12. Burnley
  13. Man City
  14. Birmingham
  15. Stoke
  16. West Ham
  17. Portsmouth
  18. Blackburn
  19. Fulham
  20. Wigan
The top 5 are a cut above this week, all enjoying home games against weaker opposition. With no distractions around either, all sides should be looking to go out on a high and of course United and Chelsea have the small matter of a title to play for so there shouldn't be too much Fulham-style slacking off here.

As a look ahead to next season, I have started to tweak my prediction spreadsheet to try and take into account more factors including recent form, type of opposition, form and injuries. Check back over the course of the off season for updates on how I plan to improve the statistical side of the blog to allow for better predictions and hence results.

Captain Picks
  1. Didier Drogba
  2. Frank Lampard
  3. Robin Van Persie
  4. Wayne Rooney
  5. Mikel Arteta
  6. Carlos Tevez
  7. Emmanuel Adebayor
  8. Louis Saha
  9. James Milner
  10. Florent Malouda
Again looking to next season, captain picks should be better than this year, which are largely based on form the opponents defense. I have started to create a database of players' performance against various teams to try and factor this in to the picks, so if, say, Darren Bent has scored in his last three against Birmingham then you might want to play him despite the fact that the Blues have a solid home defense.

I have big plans for the statistical side of the blog for the off season so continue to check back where I'll share some ideas and ask for your input into what info you'd like each week to help you make better decisions. Thanks for reading this season and I look forward to seeing you again throughout the off season to discuss all the latest transfer news and fantasy strategy.


Soo Kyo said...

congrats on going strong all season. your stats are helpful as always.

Thommas said...

Great work during the whole season Chris! Been a regular reader despite I haven't commented as much!

remember ppl. Drogba is taking the pens this weekend if they get any! and I think he is very hungry after the top scorer title, so I agree 100% that he is captn choice nr. 1! :D

NotoriousDre said...

Chris, it has been great following your blog...cheers!

Im a man u fan so im hoping your captain picks (the first 2) flop!

You have put together a fine season of helpful hints...cant wait for next season. Thats for making my initial season of Fantasy football a great one!

@ Thommas, Frank is on penalties says Ancelotti...but i can see Didier taking one if Chelsea has he game in the bag.

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Chris, thank you for the hard work this season.

This was my first year doing fantasy football and I am in top spot with an 85 point cushion in my side 12 man money league. I do not think I would have been in the position I am in if it had not been for this blog.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to next year!

David said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Chris. You have a great blog here. With your help I've had 11 green arrows in the last 12.

Steven said...

Great blog Chris, I'll be following next year for sure! Looking at a top 5 finish in my cash league although just out of the winnings :)

Ryan said...

Chris - your blog has helped us so much this season. Thanks heaps for your dedication. Thanks also to everyone else who has contributed to the forum. I'd never have been 1st in my mini league if not for all of you!

NotoriousDre said...

I finished 10th in your mimi league Chris...cheers!

skipdeedy said...

And that's a wrap.

With your help Chris, I won both my work leagues and I finished 12,399 worldwide. I also came 9th in your Premier League Fantasy Football Blog league. Pretty happy with my second season in the FPL.

So a great blog Chris, looking forward to next season! In fact are you doing a world cup blog? The guys in work are organising a fantasy world cup league!

Thanks again, Skip.

Chris Glover said...

Thanks for all the kind comment guys, the praise really makes this worth doing.

Skip totally read my mind as I have been scouring the web for WC fantasy games today. The best so far is from SkySports:

Please share if you find a better one and I will focus my preview on the individual format and rules.

I will begin with a generic group by group fantasy preview that could be used for any game, then tweak my picks based on the format we decide is best.