Monday, July 12, 2010

Premier League 2010/11 game launches

After an unexpected hiatus from fantasy nonsense over the past couple of weeks, I am back today as the premier league launches the rules and player list for the new season. Before we get to the players later, a quick review of the rules changes and some thoughts on revised strategies are below:

1. Saved transfers carry over multiple Gameweeks
This isn't quite what it looks like as you can still only ever have two transfers in a non-wildcard week but it does allow you to save the 'double' for a week where you need it most due to injuries or to take advantage of a double gameweek.
I don't see this having a huge impact on who we buy each week as you are generally signing players for more than the odd week, but it does give better flexibility when it comes to taking advantage of double gameweeks which can only be a good thing.

2. An extra wildcard for the January transfer window
In the past couple of seasons I have been forced to use my wildcard within the first 6 weeks of the season due to picking too many high risk/reward players who ended up not getting sufficient minutes or started the season in a slump. I was all set to change my approach this season but this extra wildcard gives us a safety net and has presented a new strategy.
My current thinking (which will doubtless change either by choice or because my team sucks) is to split the season into approximately three, using the two wildcards around GWs 13 and 26. This should allow your team to keep up to date and avoid some of the mistakes I made last year that ultimately cost me my mini league on the last day of the season.

3. Lose 2 points for an own goal
No major impact here, except that when you lose your clean sheet bonus along with a 2 point slap in the face you will be even more depressed. Perhaps downgrade Richard Dunne a little due to him being somewhat partial to the odd knee or arsed clanger into his own net.

I'll be back shortly with some lessons of last season as well as the first look at the player list for the new season.


auburn.tigers2011 said...

Welcome back Chris, Im already looking forward to the start of the season and another year of fantasy football

David said...

welcome back chris.
I hope everyone enjoyed the wc in my country.
as for premier league, I bet chris will be all over petrov this season, being at bolton for a bargain and all

Chris Glover said...

thanks guys, great to see you're back for another season.

David - you nailed it:
"“Bolton is a good team in England, it’s not one of the big names but I came here because I spoke with the manager and he told me he wants to play football, to play with wingers and to score more goals".

NotoriousDre said...

hey Chris....back for another season!

Tony said...
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sapporo star said...

Hi Chris,

Welcome back, I am looking forward to read your articles!!

BTW, here is my draft, pls give a comment !

Sorensen, Robinson

Bosingwa, O'Shea, Faye, Givet, Jagielka,

Petrov, Bale, Lampard(c), Etherington, Rodwell

Chamakh, Drogba, Rodallega

THX so much!

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Sapporo, I think it might be a little early to put a team together considering there may still be some big transfers and such. Just my opinion though.

Thommas said...

It's never too early to put a team together imo ;)

btw, WB Chris! Looking forward to your articles as well, they are always very helpful