Saturday, July 24, 2010

Status Update

I am currently in China on vacation and it seems that they are not too keen on Blogspot or Twitter hence the lack of updates over the past 10 days. Fear not though, I have prepared my list of favourite players for the season which I will post shortly, as well as a preview of the best schedules for the start of the new season.

Thanks for sticking with the blog those of you who were here last year, and I hope any new readers will like what they read and stick with us throughout the season. As always thanks for reading and check back soon for some season preview posts.


Thommas said...

hehe. No Problemo Chris! Looking forward to your previews! =)

does anybody have any ideas on the Chelsea and United defence? Who's gonna be picked?

Thommas said...

Btw, those you wondering wheather to choose Lamps or Drogba should get an easier decision after reading this:,,10268~2100955,00.html

Drogba has had “minimally invasive surgery” and will not return to full training for “approximately three weeks”.

Andrew said...

I'm looking forward to your analysis and to see if any of my under-the-radar picks have caught your attention as well.

I've also realized how heavily I was relying on your clean sheet rankings last year, so thanks for that and in advance for my defensive points this year!

Jared said...
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Mmmarek83 said...

I look forward for discussion who would be cheaper players that could increase their value. I think players around 5m-7m. Dunn, Etherington etc... Waiting for Your updates, Chris :)