Friday, October 1, 2010

Gameweek 7 Team of the Week

Alright I haven't done this before but alot of other blogs do the whole 'team of the week' thing and I thought it might be fun given that my actual team is pretty boring right now (Drogba, Malouda, Berbatov, Nani and maybe Bale are all locks to stay for now). The team has to fit in with the standard rules and my budget is whatever I can afford with my current squad (currently 103.3m). Without further ado then, here are my picks for this week:

GK B.Foster
DF D.Boyata
DF A.Hutton
DF S.Carr
MD F.Malouda
MD J.Milner
MD Nani
MD R.Van der Vaat
FW D.Drogba (c)
FW F.Torres
FW P.Odenwingie

GK S.Carson
DF A.Faye
DF G.Jara
MD S.Parker

I'm pretty happy with my first stab at a team of the week and the strategy is clearly to take advantage of value spot starters in defense to free up cash for a top line front line and midfield. Still, all my starting defenders rank in the top 5 in my clean sheet rankings but only cost a combined 18.2m. That allows me to keep the undroppable Malouda and Nani combo in midfield all the while pairing them with a couple of top players with decent fixtures: Van der Vaat and Milner. This week the front line almost picks itself as Drogba and Torres have great fixtures while Odenwingie is too good to pass up at his price tag.

Fancy your chances of beating me? Post your team below and I will review the results after the GW ends.


aku said...

i'd go with

GK: Ben Foster

DF: Evra
DF: Williamson
DF: Shawcross

MD: Gerrard (C)
MD: Nani
MD: Malouda
MD: Bale
MD: De Jong

ST: Tevez
ST: Odemwingie
GK: Friedel
DF: Bramble
DF: L. Young
ST: Caroll

i'm a newbie
well i hope that all of them get one point at least hurmm...

bjørn said...

I'm going for:

GK: Foster
Df: Ridgewell
DF: Toure
DF: Young.L

MD: Nani
MD: Malouda
MD: Bale
MD: Milner

ST: Drogba
ST: Tevez (c)
ST: Odemwingie

Subs: Williamson, Elmohamady, Barton.

Tom Marvolo Riddle said...

Gk- Robinson
Df- O'Shea
Df- Dann
Df- Alex
Md- nani (c)
Md- malouda
Md- albrighton
Md- Barton
Fw- drogba
Fw- odemwingie
Fw- berbatov

Gk- gilks
Md- fabregas
Df- Richards
Df- perch

Not an ideal line up due to injury but still strong. Bale is overrated by the way (watch him get a brace and assist today since I just dropped him).

aku said...

my automatic subs priority:
1. caroll
2. L. young
3. Bramble

Evra didn't play today = 0 point

Bramble (6 points)was my 3rd priority of the automatic substitution after L Young (1 point).

so can i change my subs priority during the gameweek match?

i'd like to change Bramble for Evra (to increase my game point for this week)

i'm a newbie... huhu

Chris Glover said...

aku - Im afraid not. if Carroll plays he'll come in, if not then you'll b stuck with Luke Young's 1 point. I hate it when that happens.

auburn.tigers2011 said...

Chris, wouldnt L. Young come in even if Carroll plays since you have to have 3 defenders?

aku said...

okay, thanks @Chris & @auburn!

Chris Glover said...

Auburn - yes you're right, if Evra was your third defender Young would have to come in. Now it's a moot point as both Caroll and Young only got 1 point. Tough to take.

Chris Glover said...

Not a bad start for the team of the week segment. I got lucky with Faye slipping in for Boyata after Boateng unexpectedly made the City starting lineup. My midfield served me well with Van der Vaat and Milner being good pickups. Captain Drogba again did his thing while Odenwingie provided a valuable 5 points.

GK B.Foster 1
DF A.Faye 6
DF A.Hutton 2
DF S.Carr 1
MD F.Malouda 3
MD J.Milner 6
MD Nani 3
MD R.Van der Vaat 15
FW D.Drogba (c) 12
FW F.Torres 1
FW P.Odenwingie 5

Gameweek 7 total: 55 points

55 points ranks 130,000 which is okay but obviously needs improving. My actual team managed 50 points and I would expect a wider gap given that I could hand pick my team for the week. Disapointing performances from Utd and Liverpool cost me a bit this week.

Oshada said...

Hi Chris, do you think Tevez should be transferred out in preference to a cheaper option such as Elmander? That would leave me enough money to potentially get Fabregas for the great run of fixtures he has ahead. Thanks!

aku said...

Chris, please update soon!
i'd like to read the review about gameweek 7 and the disaster liverpool.