Monday, November 8, 2010

Gameweek 12 Preview

When a team loses badly they always say that the best thing is to play again soon to banish the bad memories. I am therefore very thankful for the midweek action so I don't dwell on my disastrous wildcard forray last week resulting in a miserable 24 point week. The weekly wrap up will go up Wednesday night for GW11 and GW12 combined to allow for me to get the preview column out now.

Clean Sheet Rankings
  1. Chelsea (0.15)
  2. Birmingham (0.36)
  3. Aston Villa (0.35)
  4. Tottenham (0.44)
  5. Liverpool (0.79)
  6. Newcastle (0.81)
  7. Everton (0.91)
  8. Arsenal (0.92)
  9. Stoke (0.97)
  10. Wigan (1.01)
  11. Man City (1.35)
  12. Wolves (1.37)
  13. West Ham (1.43)
  14. Man Utd (1.57)
  15. Bolton (2.00)
  16. Blackpool (2.03)
  17. West Brom (2.11)
  18. Sunderland (2.14)
  19. Blackburn (2.72)
  20. Fulham (3.39)
Attacking rankings
  1. Chelsea (3.39)
  2. Newcastle (2.72)
  3. Tottenham (2.14)
  4. West Ham (2.11)
  5. Aston Villa (2.03)
  6. Everton (2.00)
  7. Stoke (1.62)
  8. Man City (1.57)
  9. West Brom (1.43)
  10. Arsenal (1.37)
  11. Man Utd (1.35)
  12. Birmingham (1.16)
  13. Liverpool (1.01)
  14. Wolves (0.92)
  15. Bolton (0.91)
  16. Blackburn (0.81)
  17. Wigan (0.79)
  18. Sunderland (0.44)
  19. Blackpool (0.35)
  20. Fulham (0.15)
Captain Picks
  1. Didier Drogba: Fulham have one of the league's better defenses and have played Chelsea well in the past couple of seasons but Drogba doesn't normally stay quiet for long and he hasn't scored in 3 appearances and 4 gameweeks. His longest stretch all last season was 3 games without a goal, and that only happened once.
  2. Tim Cahill: I love Cahill over the next few weeks as his aPoint differential is as good as anyone suggesting he should benefit from easier games in the future. He's had 6 quality games (6 points or more) already this year, more than anyone who doesn't play for Chelsea.
  3. Carlos Tevez: Scored 3 and assisted 2 in 4 games against his former employers last season. Tevez makes City tick and is supported by an in form Silva who is looking like he's ready to explode in the EPL.
  4. Ashley Cole: Has as many quality games (7) as anyone else in the league and Chelsea look like a lock for a clean sheet. With bonuses and assists flowing his way he is about as good value you're ever going to get for a 8m defender.
  5. Cesc Fabregas: He didn't shine on the weekend as I expected and looked slightly sluggish but as Torres showed, quality players eventually come good, it's just a matter of when.
  6. Nicolas Anelka: Anelka has sneakily become one of Chelsea's most reliable fantasy players due to rotation and injuries hitting Malouda, Drogba and Kalou.Would be higher but he hasn't scored at home in the league this year.
  7. Fernando Torres: The stats don't really back up Torres' inclusion here but such is his quality, once he hits form it doesn't really matter who the opposition is (just ask Nemanja Vidic).
I will put up the GW11 and GW12 wrap up as soon as possible after the games on Wednesday then come back with the GW13 preview on Thursday. 


Carl said...

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Ryan said...


Of the choices below, who would be your immediate, top priority must-buy(s)?

-Tim Cahill + Konchesky/O'Shea
-Van der Vaart + Konchesky/O'Shea