Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kaiser UK Game

There's a new fantasy game in town which intrigues me and so I am going to risk spreading myself too thin and join. It is arranged in a way similar to the typical US fantasy format which sees each player only available once, rather than being potentially owned by 50% of all owners. I had been hoping to manually create this game myself for next season but perhaps this will save me the trouble.

The gist of the game is that we will have $60m to start to buy players and then transfer funds can be spent throughput the season to trade players with other teams. More cash is also earned by scoring points (which is done so in a largely similar way to the game).

Anyone who wants to join can do so at and sign up for my new blog league called 'Premier League Fantasy Blog' with password 'plfantasy'. The league will be first come first served.

The rules allow for 'keeper leagues' but I proposing running the second half of this year as a test and then expanding the blog to cover the league next year if it's a success.


Tim said...

Chris - Loving the stats and info, wondering if you could snapshot the aPPMS but run it on the whole league and then show the top 20 info that you show now with a guide of places improved? So like a Top20 run down, "now in at number 10, rising 50 places, Kevin Davies" ?

jk said...

Hey Chris,
thanks for mentioning our game in your blog. It's just been launched - so it would be great to get some feedback.
Cheers, Joe

Simon said...

Who's D. Varney?

I just bought elmander, so it's good to see him recognised in your stats. In his last four games, his scores have been something like 10,10,2,16. That's a pretty good run of form.

I'm also thinking of selling drogba for tevez and nolan for cahill. What do you think to this move?

Steven said...


I was thinking about doing the same thing, Tevez for Drogba. Already doing VdV for Cahill which I hate doing but Cahill is out for awhile in Dec anyway and VdV has been way too hot not to own.

Steven said...

Correction, January, why did I swap him out, silly me.

Simon said...

Why, what happens in January?

VDV is out with an ankle injury, but it looks minor, so you should be fine.

Drogbas lack of good form had passed me by until recently, such is the high regard we all hold him in. But a player worth that much has got to go if there is a much higher scoring, cheaper alternative available (i.e. Tevez.

What is your full squad Stephen?

Simon said...

As a general point. I think the trouble you're having this season Chris is related to the very slow manner in which prices tend to rise and fall in FPL. By this I mean that value for money is far less important that simple points-scored. Your system of aPPMS will allow a medium-scoring very cheap player to be near the top, while the top players that you really should have in your team are nowhere to be seen. High scoring players like Gamst-Pedersen, Nasri and Tevez are nowhere to be seen on these lists.

That said, the premise behind your adjusted figures is a very good one, I just think it skews the figures a bit to much.

Steven said...

In January, the Asia Cup of Nations tournament will take out a few players, Cahill being one of them.

As for my team:

I'd like to get Tevez/Elmander in for Droba/Odemwingie but I can't afford the hit.

Chris Glover said...

Simon - It should of course be Luke Varney. I think I was thinking of ex-Spurs midfielder Dean Marney. I love Cahill right now and I cant keep arguing against dropping Drogba who is in terrible form. Hence the subs look pretty good.

I take your point on aPPMS but it is a measure of value and not ultimate points. It goes without saying (or so I thought) that Drogba is a better player to own in pure points than Varney over the course of the season but you need to deliver value at some positions to allow you to have enough cash to splash on the big boys.

aPoints is not value linked and for me gives the player who has been the best scorer to date (schedule adjusted).

Steven - good point on the Asia Cup. I will do a post asap on who this will impact and when.

Andrew said...

Looks like your league on Kaiser is full. Teaches me for not joining when I'm at work.

I'm a huge fan of that style of fantasy league where a player can only be owned once. Being a yank, I have been playing that style of fantasy league in other sports for years, so I think I'm just used to it.