Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gameweek 16 Rankings

Sorry for the delay again this week, some joker at my job has got it in his head that any of those pesky clients are worth more than fantasy football rankings. Has he seen my team? I haven't topped 50 points for five weeks. Five weeks! Hopefully the below will help:

Clean Sheet Rankings
  1. Sunderland
  2. Chelsea
  3. Liverpool
  4. Blackburn
  5. Arsenal
  6. Birmingham
  7. Stoke
  8. Man City
  9. West Brom
  10. Bolton
  11. Tottenham
  12. Wigan
  13. Newcastle
  14. Wolves
  15. Everton
  16. Fulham
  17. West Ham
  18. Aston Villa
Attacking rankings (team goals)
  1. Liverpool (2.67)
  2. Sunderland (1.87)
  3. Arsenal (1.76)
  4. Chelsea (1.76)
  5. Blackburn (1.66)
  6. West Brom (1.42)
  7. Stoke (1.36)
  8. Birmingham (1.25)
  9. Man City (1.14)
  10. Newcastle (0.93)
  11. Bolton (0.82)
  12. Wigan (0.78)
  13. Tottenham (0.74)
  14. Fulham (0.67)
  15. Aston Villa (0.44)
  16. Wolves (0.44)
  17. Everton (0.31)
  18. West Ham (0.30)
Captain Stats

  1. Tevez - Tevez has strangely been a lot better away from Eastlands (7.43 PPG) than at home (4.86 PPG) but has been very useful against sides conceding more than 1.5 GPG (7.25 PPG).
  2. Malouda - quietly added 9 points in the past two weeks having stunk up the joint for months. He's been very useful at home (7.71 PPG) and against middling teams (5.00 PPG) so a goal or assist/bonus can be expected. Solid. 
  3. Drogba - struggling badly of late and hasn't been great against the middling teams (4.75 PPG). His home form (6.86 PPG) offers some encouragement but nothing to be too excited by. Drogba is a potential play rather than one based on stats at the moment.
  4. Torres - Torres has the best fixture of all teams but he's struggling against mid table teams to date this year (2.17 PPG). He's decent at home 5.86 PPG but like Drogba this pick is based on potential and skill rather than historical fact.
  5. Chamakh - At his best at home and against weaker opposition, Chamakh is a useful play this week. He's notched 5.43 PPG at home and over 5 points against teams who average more than a goal a game conceded and so he could be good for a goal or assist this week as Arsenal look to continue their title push.
  6. Arshavin - AA has quietly added 27 points over the past four weeks, which puts him sixth behind only Van der Vaart, Chamakh, Bale and Elmander. He's averaging just shy of 5 PPG at home and while the stats say he has struggled against mid-level teams 2.75 he has managed over 6 PPG against the best and worst so you can probably chalk this down to statistical anamoly. In short he is a high risk high reward player but who'd bet against a Russian for more success this week.  
Man Utd, Blackpool and their players have of course been omitted due to United's game with Blackpool being cancelled.


    Andrew said...

    I'm pulling the plug on one of my Chelsea players this week. Their fixtures are too tough for me to justify so much money wrapped up in two players. So, would you toss Drogba or A. Cole?

    I am going to upgrade Adam to Nasri and either Cole > Konchesky or Drogba > Bent.

    Also, I finally pulled even with you Chris! I would much rather it have been due to my good run of picks. Unfortunately I have just been mediocre over the last couple weeks while you have had a bad couple weeks.

    Chris Glover said...

    The defensive fixtures are much harder than their attacking fixtures so of the two I'd ditch Cole. With Alex out for a while Bosingwa is a cheaper Chelsea option if you are purely looking to save cash. Now Terry is back I still like Chelsea as a top class unit but I agree they are too inconsistent to spend so much on one player.

    I like Bent over the medium term thanks to his partnership with Gyan and solid fixtures. Konchesky also has nice fixtures and would make a nice replacement for Cole (providing you know where else you could use the cash). On a head to head basis I'd still take Cole but if you can use the cash elsewhere I like the move.

    I am scared that Nasri will be rotated sometimes due to the return to fitness of RvP and Walcott. I still rate Adam as a great squad player so I may hesitate here but I wouldnt totally disagree.

    Soo Kyo said...

    i just wanted to point out walcott has been fit for a while and he has not threatened nasri's place at all like we feared at first. looking at his price and ppg, and the fact fabregas is missing, i think nasri is solid pick.
    I think rooney is perfect replacement for drogba. He was in center of every attacking move last game, playing more like classic #10. When united score, rooney will be included.

    Andrew said...

    I also rate Adam as a good squad filler over the season. However, with the risk of home cancellations and their upcoming away fixtures, I don't see BLP producing much. Which is why I rank him as my most expendable piece of my midfield.

    With Nasri's form and Cesc's injury, I don't think he's a rotation risk in the near term. I did just see that Nasri picked up a knee injury, so I might go with Arshavin instead.

    What's your take on Kyrgiakos' chances of extended run in the first team?

    Would it be worth it for a 4 point hit for Dempsey/Jarvis to Bale?

    Steven said...

    Well then, United/Blackpool cancelled. There goes Raphael/Nani/Adam for me.. sweet. With VdV out hurt and Williamson suspended, I'm going to run 9 or 10 at most this week :(

    Chris Oien said...

    Just barely scraping together a starting 11 with the Man U game off. But I'm actually kind of looking forward to it because those who set their teams on autopilot should be hit worse. (There are some surprisingly resilient autopilots in my private league)

    Chris Glover said...

    I think I might get 10 players this week depending on Odenwingie's status. As you say Chris, sometimes the tough times help those that pay attention to win, but with auto sub and auto captain those that don't pay attention will still do okay.

    Andrew said...

    Alright I pulled the trigger on my 2 free transfers for the week.

    Cole, Kyrgiakos, Toure, Givet
    Nasri, Etherington, Dempsey
    Tevez(C), Drogba, Carroll

    subs: Jarvis, Coleman, Nani

    I ended up deciding to transfer out Ferdinand instead of Cole this week. We'll see what next week brings.

    I was just looking at my competition for my main mini-league. 3 points separate third (me) from first. Before transfers, none of the top 3 shared more than 4 players with either of the others. It's been an interesting year for me this year, but this week should be a good one for me compared to the other two.

    As always, thanks for your stats and help, Chris.