Monday, December 27, 2010

Gameweek 20 Rankings

The games are coming thick and fast during the Christmas period so there's no time to dwell on GW19 (which was again frustrating for anyone who didn't have Tevez/Berbatov/Van der Vaart). Without further delay then, here are the GW20 rankings:

Clean Sheet Rankings
  1. Liverpool
  2. Man City
  3. Chelsea
  4. Sunderland
  5. Stoke
  6. Arsenal
  7. Tottenham
  8. Birmingham
  9. Everton
  10. Man Utd
  11. Fulham
  12. West Brom
  13. West Ham
  14. Blackpool
  15. West Ham
  16. Newcastle
  17. Wigan
  18. Blackburn
  19. Bolton
  20. Wolves
Attacking Rankings
  1. Man City
  2. West Brom
  3. Arsenal
  4. Tottenham
  5. Man Utd
  6. Everton
  7. Sunderland
  8. Chelsea
  9. Blackburn
  10. Liverpool
  11. Stoke
  12. West Ham
  13. Newcastle
  14. Birmingham
  15. Wigan
  16. Bolton
  17. Fulham
  18. Blackpool
  19. Aston Villa
  20. Wolves
Captain Stats
  • Van der Vaart has been in sensational form at home (8.0 PPG) and has 49 points over his past 5 games in total, including 3 double digit games. In 6 home games he has just one bad game (GW15 against Liverpool) with his next worse being points. He therefore makes an excellent captain option, particularly given Spurs' favorable fixture against an increasingly leaky Newcastle side. 
  • I was really worried about Tevez's future after his lackluster game against Everton. However, he looked back to his old self this week and even held onto the captain's armband. Over his past 5 home games he has just 14 points and one goal so it's hard to go crazy for Tevez but the fixture looks good (Villa are giving up 2.25 GPG) so he might be worth a look.
  • Of the Arsenal players facing a weak Wigan side (1.89 GPG), I think Fabregas and then Nasri are the best and safest picks. None of the Arsenal players are consistently having great games on the road (Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin and Chamakh all average between 4.4 and 4.8 PPG on the road) though Fabregas did have good games against Wolves (GW12) and Everton (GW13) and looked very good against Chelsea today.
  • It's hard to be high on Drogba or anything about Chelsea right now but Drogba remains a good option this week against a Bolton side who are prone to conceding a few away from home. For all his woes, he still has 7 goals in 8 home games, though the loss of penalty duties hurts his value. Malouda is in terrible form and I would not be surprised to see him benched this week, having been hauled off after giving away the ball for the third Arsenal goal tonight.
  • Torres should now be well rested and has one of the best fixtures for the week. He hasn't done much this year but he's at least been serviceable at home (5.86 PPG) with 4 goals in 7 games. If he doesn't do it this week it might be time to forget him for the season (or until a new manager comes in).
  • Nani hasn't been great away from home and remains an injury risk but against a weakening Birmingham side he justifies some consideration. I thought Rooney looked good against Sunderland and might be back in captain contention while Berbatov's form makes him an interesting choice. I am wary of picking anyone away from home if I can, especially against a side like Birmingham who are pretty decent at home.


    Craig B said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Craig B said...

    During the broadcast of the Arsenal Chelsea match Ian Darke stated Cesc would be suspended for the trip to Wigan due to Yellow Card Accumulation. The premier league site confirms that he is carrying 5 cautions.

    Ryan said...

    But isn't there like a rule saying you'll only get suspended for the match that takes place 7 days after your 5th yellow? I'm thinking perhaps that's why Fab hasn't been red-flagged in the fantasy website.

    Shedboy said...

    I have Rooney, Tevez and Drogba, but i Torres' fixture looks good and i want to get him.
    I think Tevez is safe, Rooney's fixture is bit hard than Drogba's. But form of Chelsea and Drogba is so poor.
    Who should be sold? Rooney or Drogba?

    Colin said...

    I'm getting increasingly concerned about the decision to drop Berbatov. In my fantasy league my main competitor has him and when I look at out current points difference (he is currently leading the b*st*rd!) it basically boils down to Berbatov's performances in the last couple of weeks. Should I bring the blowing hot and cold, moody Bulgarian back in???? Let's face it right now Drogba, Rooney and Torres aren't exactly doing it right now...