Friday, December 31, 2010

Gameweek 21 Rankings

Clean Sheet Rankings
  1. Chelsea
  2. Tottenham
  3. Liverpool
  4. Man City
  5. Sunderland
  6. West Ham
  7. Arsenal
  8. Everton
  9. Stoke
  10. Birmingham
  11. Fulham
  12. Wigan
  13. Man Utd
  14. Newcastle
  15. Blackpool
  16. West Brom
  17. Wolves
  18. Bolton
  19. Blackburn
  20. Aston Villa
Attacking Rankings
  1. Man City
  2. Chelsea
  3. Man Utd
  4. Sunderland
  5. West Brom
  6. Newcastle
  7. West Ham
  8. Wigan
  9. Tottenham
  10. Blackburn
  11. Arsenal
  12. Everton
  13. Stoke
  14. Wolves
  15. Liverpool
  16. Birmingham
  17. Bolton
  18. Blackpool
  19. Fulham
  20. Aston Villa
Captain Stats
  • Van der Vaart is playing equally well at home and away though he is crushing mid level team for 10.8 PPG. As Spurs welcome Fulham this week he is a very good option and projects to score more points than anyone this week. On the flip side his last two home games have yielded just 4 points so his owners must decide whether he is a funk or just a dip in form.
  • Tevez isn't necessarily better at home than away but he is crushing weak sides at over 7 PPG and welcomes a Blackpool side who are giving up over 1.6 GPG. As with Van der Vaart his home form of late has been indifferent so you must again decide which is the real Tevez: the current downturn in form or his blistering start to the season.
  • Drogba has been off form of late though he has managed 11 points in the past 2 weeks. Chelsea welcome a Villa side with the worst road defense record in the league and if you want to play the fixtures it doesn't get any better. If you aren't going to captain Drogba this week you might want to think about selling him.
  • Of the Arsenal players, Fabregas looks like the best option as he tends to perform well against all opponents and at home/away while Nasri has struggled a touch on the road (4.11 PPG).
  • Berbatov is in a good form as anyone but he has struggled on the road (4.00 PPG) and therefore carries some increased risk this week. On paper Nani actually looks like a slightly safe play (is confirmed fir) given his solid road play and the way he has killed mid and lower ranked teams. Rooney's stats do not suggest he is a captain option yet but he has looked better of late and is worth some consideration is you want to differentiate.
  • Niko Kalinic
  • Paul Robinson (Bolton)
  • Branislav Ivanovic
  • Marouane Fellaini
  • Rob Huth
  • Jermaine Defoe
  • Younes Kaboul
  • Gabriel Tamas
  • Charles N'Zogbia


Carroll=Shearer said...

Just a couple questions: how confident are you that Chelsea will keep a clean sheet even with Ferreira having to play central defense?

Secondly, do you think Bosingwa will be a regular starter going forward, or is he a rotation risk?

Thanks, Chris. You da man.

Chris Glover said...

It is a problem and probably not sufficiently built into the rankings. That said Villa have failed to score 5 times on the road while Chelsea have 7 home clean sheets.

As for the concerns about Ferreira, in the games he has played an hour or more (9) Chelsea have 4 clean sheets, though have conceded 8 in the last 4 games. I can only recall him playing centreback once (in the disastrous 3-0 loss to Sunderland) so it's hard to write Chelsea off, but equally hard to be overly bullish. I think with Terry back and Mikel and Essien able to protect them, the Chelsea back line remains a good option with Ferreira in there.

Long term I think Bosingwa is too risky as Alex (or perhaps a new arrival) will partner Terry meaning Ivanovic and Bosingwa will compete for RB. History seems to suggest that Ancelotti likes Ivanovic to start and then throws on Bosingwa to give them an extra attacking option.

Ben said...

Hi Chris, would I be crazy to captain Danny Welback this GW? With Gyan out he's almost certain to play, and Blackburn are missing Robinson. I could do with a differential.. I do have Tevez, VdV, and Malouda (and Nani and Carroll who look out) though. Insanity?

Craig B said...

Happy New Year All! Any help with the following would be much appreciated.

I haven't been following the game as closely with the holidays and have unfortunately let a couple free transfers slip through the cracks. I have both Faye and Williamson who aren't getting games anymore and I am having trouble figuring out what happened. Does anyone know off the top of their head what's going on with these two and whether they might be back in starting contention in the near future. I have lost a bit of my budget on Faye's decline and hate to sell low.

Chris Glover said...

Ben - I personally try and stick with the obvious captain picks as Ive chased points all over the place in the past and got too many 2 pointers. Tevez and Malouda both have better predicted goals than Sunderland and VdV is in great form so I would personally go with them all ahead of Wellbeck. It is tempting to chase points a bit more this year thanks to the lack of consistent production from the big boys but Wellbeck is a bit too out there for me.

Craig - Faye seems to have been dropped because of his contract situation and the fact he appears to be orchestrating a move away from Stoke. Also Huth is in good form and Shawcross will always play. I think Collins is the man to go with if you want to stick with Stoke - who arent the worst option around.
As for Williamson, he has simply been benched for Steve Taylor who was always first choice (when fit). At 3.9m Taylor is the best option in the Newcastle line though I am disappointed by their form and am looking to move on from the Magpies.