Friday, December 17, 2010

Pick Live

I'm sure many readers will be aware of Pick Live if you follow the awesome Football Ramble, but for those who aren't, the game plays out like this. To Play the Big Game you simply:
  1. Pick any 5 players from the available squads to make your team
  2. We'll email you when the starting 11 for each time is confirmed
  3. Your team will play along to the entire selected match
  4. Your players score points if they start the match or get subbed on
  5. The top 3 entrants at the end of the match will share the prize pot

The scoring is as below:
  • Goal 20 points
  • Assist10 points
  • Completed pass 1 point
  •  Shot on target 5 points
  • Shot off target 2 points
  • Interception 1 point
  • Tackle 3 points
  • Completed cross 1 point
  • Save 5 points
  • Goalkeeper action 1 point
  • Red card -20 points
  • Yellow card -10 points
  • Failed pass -1 points
  • Foul -3 points
  • Own goal -20 points
  • Offside -3 points
  • Penalty miss -20 points
You place your stake (for example 2 GBP) and then take a share of the jackpot if you're in the top 3.

If you sign up today with this link you will receive a bonus 3 GBP just for signing up. What better way to make the Sunderland-Bolton or Blackpool-Spurs game even better? Why not go all out and play the huge Chelsea-United game which is sure to have a huge jackpot.

At the current time the game is only available to UK residents.

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