Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gameweek 24 Rankings

This could be a big week for our fantasy teams as the double gameweeks start rolling in, new arrivals start playing and the teams start to sort out who are contenders and pretenders. Plenty of owners will be looking to play their wildcards this week so I thought I should get the weekly rankings up as soon as possible which along with the aforementioned double gameweek analysis, should give everyone plenty of food for thought before they plan their final assault on the league table. Along with the standard weekly rankings, I have included the rankings for the next 6 weeks and the remainder of the season.

Clean Sheet Rankings (GW24)
(clean sheets kept and opponents' failed to score in parenthesis)
  1. Man United (6 - 3) and (3 - 0)
  2. Arsenal (3 - 5)
  3. Fulham (4 - 3) and (3 - 1)
  4. Everton (3 - 6)
  5. Blackburn (4 - 5)
  6. Blackpool (0 - 4) and (0 - 3)
  7. Liverpool (2 - 1) and (4 - 4) 
  8. Wigan (3 - 2) and (2 - 5) 
  9. Aston Villa (4 - 3) and (0 - 3)
  10. Wolves (2 - 4)
  11. Man City (4 - 3)
  12. Bolton (2 - 5)
  13. Chelsea (2 - 2)
  14. Newcastle (3 - 2)
  15. Stoke (2 - 2)
  16. Sunderland (4 - 0)
  17. West Ham (0 - 2)
  18. West Brom (0 -2)
  19. Tottenham (0 - 2)
  20. Birmingham (2 - 0) 
Clean Sheet Rankings (Next 6 GWs)
On a predicted goals per game basis, value of double gameweeks excluded

  1. Chelsea
  2. Man City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Man Utd
  5. Fulham
  6. Stoke
  7. Bolton
  8. Sunderland
  9. Blackpool
  10. Everton
  11. Blackburn
  12. Newcastle
  13. Liverpool
  14. Tottenham
  15. Wigan
  16. Birmingham
  17. West Brom
  18. West Ham
  19. Wolves
  20. Aston Villa
Clean Sheet Rankings (remainder of season)
On a predicted goals per game basis, value of double gameweeks excluded

  1. Chelsea
  2. Man City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Man Utd
  5. Sunderland
  6. Fulham
  7. Stoke
  8. Everton
  9. Tottenham
  10. Birmingham
  11. Bolton
  12. Blackburn
  13. Liverpool
  14. Newcastle
  15. Wigan
  16. Blackpool
  17. Wolves
  18. West Brom
  19. West Ham
  20. Aston Villa
Attacking Rankings (GW24)
(opposition clean sheets at home/away in parenthesis)
  1. Man Utd (2) and (0)
  2. Wigan (3) and (0)
  3. Blackburn (0)
  4. Arsenal (3)
  5. Liverpool (2) and (3)
  6. Man City (4)
  7. Blackpool (4) and (3) 
  8. Everton (0)
  9. Aston Villa (4) and (2)
  10. Tottenham (3)
  11. Newcastle (0)
  12. Fulham (2) and (4)
  13. Sunderland (0)
  14. Stoke (4)
  15. Wolves (2)
  16. Chelsea (2)
  17. West Ham (3)
  18. West Brom (4)
  19. Bolton (2)
  20. Birmingham (6)
Attacking Rankings (Next 6 GWs)
On a predicted goals per game basis, value of double gameweeks excluded
  1. Man Utd
  2. Arsenal
  3. Chelsea
  4. Blackpool
  5. Bolton
  6. Newcastle
  7. Blackburn
  8. Man City
  9. Wolves
  10. Stoke
  11. Everton
  12. Fulham
  13. Liverpool
  14. Tottenham
  15. West Brom
  16. West Ham
  17. Aston Villa
  18. Sunderland
  19. Birmingham
  20. Wigan
Attacking Rankings (remainder of season)
On a predicted goals per game basis, value of double gameweeks excluded
  1. Arsenal
  2. Man Utd
  3. Chelsea
  4. Newcastle
  5. Blackpool
  6. Bolton
  7. Man City
  8. Blackburn
  9. Tottenham
  10. Stoke
  11. West Brom
  12. Aston Villa
  13. Everton
  14. Wolves
  15. Sunderland
  16. Liverpool
  17. Fulham
  18. West Ham
  19. Birmingham
  20. Wigan
Captain Stats (GW24)
With Man Utd on a double gameweek I am going to assume the vast majority of managers are going to go with one of their players this week as captain. I will however mention a couple of other players who look well placed to have big weeks too.

It really is a toss up between Berbatov and Nani this week as both are significantly better at home (Berbatov 10.00 PPG / Nani 8.89) than away (Berbatov 3.5 PPG / Nani 4.88) but on average will contribute similar points over the two games. Both face some rotation risk given the short duration in which the two games happen and the looming prospect of the Champions League on the horizon. However, with Park still busy in Qatar and Giggs having played the last two games, Nani looks the less likely to be rested than Berbatov who faces competition from Hernandez and so might just edge this one out as the safer pick. It's strange to think of Rooney as a differentiator but with just a 12% holding he is exactly that. With two goals on the season though I think that number is still too high and while he is prone to break out of his slump at any time, it's way too risky to captain him unless you are in desperate need to make up some points on your opponents and it's make or break time.

If you're interested in United's defense as a double gameweek captain then I think Ferdinand is the best option though Vidic and Evra are good plays of course if you already hold them. I had planned to bring in Rafael who would have been outstanding value but his suspension (which now could be extended to cover both games) puts an end to that talk. If a new right back emerges as odds on favourite to start both games, he will then become excellent value.

Tevez has been outstanding away from home all year (7.78 PPG) and has 2 double digit GWs in the last 5. He's also done well against mid level opposition (6.50 PPG) and looked close to unstoppable last week. Van der Vaart has also been excellent away from home (7.29 PPG) and against mid level teams (8.63 PPG). The game at Newcastle has the potential to be an open high scoring game which could suit Van der Vaart's game. Finally, Fabregas has the best fixture for the week as he welcomes Wigan to the Emirates, but while Fabregas has been good since his return, he has added just 7 points in the last two games which makes you nervous about handing him the armband just yet.

Of the other DGW teams, many might be tempted to roll the dice with Torres but like Rooney above, he has not shown enough for me to put that much faith in him. Fulham's defense is my second favourite after United but that trip to Anfield is tricky and so you're really judging them on the one game at home to Stoke. Not the worst option but some way off United's level.

  • Emile Heskey
  • Marouane Fellaini
  • Steve Gerrard
  • Rafael
  • Cheik Tiote
  • Victor Obinna
  • George Elokobi


Andrew said...

Nani is the obvious captain choice this week. Anyone that has him and doesn't give him the armband is nuts. I'm also going to transfer

That leaves me with deciding which two to play out of Coleman, Givet, K.Toure and Bale. I figure I don't need to use my WC if two of those players will be riding the pine this week, despite not having any Arsenal players in my side.

Andrew said...

ha whoops. Forgot the rest of my sentence.

I'm also going to transfer Drogba to Rooney this week. I thought he had some good looks against Spurs last time out.

kajhinks said...

Hey Chris, I've been following your blog for a couple months now and I'm interested in doing some analysis of my own. Is there any way to get into contact with you?

Chris Glover said...

Andrew - I think Nani shades it but Berbatov's big game potential still makes me pause for a second. If you don't have your quota of three United players then Rooney is a decent option and a presumed upgrade from Drogba this week. I am still considering going with a defender but I can't decide who.

Kajhinks: you can get in touch at chrisglover85 [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to seeing your work.

Craig B said...

Can't quite figure out who to sit:

VdV Fab Nasri Adam Nani

Rodallega Berb Tevez

One of these guys is going to ride the pine. Who should it be? I feel Nasri could be rested (w/ risk of late on as a sub) since he started in the FA Cup and Fab's was rested. Berbs may not get both games. Please help.

Carroll=Shearer said...

Bent or Torres?

wombat said...

Well my team missed the boat but I am looking to play my wild card this week - anyone able to comment on this team for me? My Midfielders had a bad week (Van, Nasri, Bale and even Nani)I have been trying to use your guide as best I can - many thanks again for your web site!

Foster (BI), Robinson (BR)

Toure (MC), Djourou (AR), Murphy(BI), Hangeland (FU), Huth(SU)

Van der Vaart (TH), Nasri (AR), Etherington (SC), Adam (BL), Nani (MU),

Tevez (MC), Carroll, Berbatov (MU)