Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

2010 has not been the best fantasy year for this humble blogger having lost his mini league on the final day of the season back in May, and then suffered through a miserable 2010/11 season to date. A few resolutions for 2011 are therefore required:
  • I will not make double transfers that cost 4 points. I have done this twice this year and failed both times to even get my 4 points back. The only allowable exception is if a player faces a double gameweek and will start both games.
  • I will not listen to the Telegraph or Guardian's team news ever again to make my lineup decisions. The latest blunder was suggesting that Rooney would sit versus West Brom, one goal and one assist later, it's shaping up to a another week of 'what if'.
  •  I will not use rational thought to pick my team. I will assume that whatever has never happened before is almost certain to happen. Of course by then being predictable, it will itself not then happen. I just went cross eyed.
  • I will play defenders at home and rarely rely on defenders - even from the top teams - away from home. Home sides have 64 clean sheets versus 33 for the road teams. The top 5 defensive teams (Che, MnC, MnU, Ars, Bir) have a ratio of 25:11 for home/away clean sheets.
  • I won't overreact and use my wildcard to try and get players who are showing promise. The core of this game is chasing points, just be sure to be chasing them after one week and not five. Guessing when the likes of Fabregas or Rooney will return is all but impossible.
  • I will never play 5 at the back again
  • I will continue to rely on statistical analysis to help select my fantasy team on the basis there is some order in the world (this one is the most likely to proven foolish by the afternoon of 1st Jan).
2011 is going to better than 2010. Happy New Year everyone


Carroll=Shearer said...

Hope 2011 brings better fantasy footy for you, Chris. I had a good year last season but have been utter crap this time around, so I'm looking to improve too.

Anyway, which duo do you prefer: Bale and Nasri or Albrighton and Fabregas? Thanks!

Ryan said...

Happy New Year Chris and fellow readers. I'm having an equally dismal season myself with surefire starters being benched or snowed out.

Speaking of making random choices and expecting the unexpected, does anyone know or have any idea if the BOTH the GW22 matches will actually go ahead at Bloomfield Road (Blackpool)? I'm tempted to take a punt on some tangerines but things don't look so good without undersoil heating.

Chris Oien said...

Ryan -- I checked the weather report for Blackpool and the high temperature seems to be around 6 to 8 degrees Celsius every day in the coming 10 days. They darn well better be able to play at that temperature!

RossWB said...

Would you consider grabbing a Liverpool player this week since they're on a double gameweek? If so, who would you grab? I'm leery of Torres since there's a big FA Cup match with Man Utd in between the two EPL matches...

Carroll=Shearer said...

My two cents: I think Torres has to play both Premiership games -- the Reds just can't afford to keep him on the bench. If you're not going to pick either Gerrard or Torres up, I'd forget Liverpool. The rest of the team has been woeful on the road.