Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gameweek 28 Rankings

Clean Sheet Rankings
Clean sheets kept at home/away - opponent failed to score at home/away
  1. Man City (8 - 5)
  2. Man Utd (3 - 3) and (3 - 2)
  3. Chelsea (8 - 3)
  4. Stoke (4 - 7)
  5. West Ham (3 - 4)
  6. Newcastle (3 - 4)
  7. Aston Villa (5 - 3)
  8. Everton (3 - 4)
  9. Fulham (3 - 3)
  10. Liverpool (4 - 3)
  11. Wolves (2 - 5)
  12. Sunderland (4 - 2)
  13. Blackpool (5 - 2)
  14. Wigan (2 - 3)
  15. West Brom (0 - 3)
  16. Blackburn (0 - 3)
  17. Bolton (0 - 2)
Attacking Rankings
Predicted weekly goals in parenthesis
  1. Man Utd (2.8)
  2. Newcastle (2.6)
  3. Aston Villa (2.4)
  4. Stoke (2.4)
  5. Wolves (1.9)
  6. Chelsea (1.9)
  7. Everton (1.7)
  8. Blackpool (1.5)
  9. Man City (1.3)
  10. West Ham (1.3)
  11. Sunderland (1.3)
  12. Wigan (1.1)
  13. Blackburn (1.1)
  14. Bolton (1.1)
  15. Liverpool (1.0)
  16. West Brom (0.8)
  17. Fulham (0.5)
Captain Stats
Given their tricky fixtures, United players do not look like the slam dunk picks that Arsenal gave us last week, though they are still, of course, at the forefront of the rankings this week:

Nani - while the goals haven't flowed on the road (2 in 10) compared with at home (7 in 12), Nani's ability to contribute fantasy points from multiple sources (goals, assists and bonus points) make him a consistent performer with a relatively high ceiling. 49 points in his last 6 games rank him up alongside just about anyone else in the league and he is likely the only United midfielder who can be relied upon right now. In 3 games against opponents who concede less than a goal a game (as Chelsea do at home) he has failed to score and added just 10 fantasy points but the Wigan game looks like one in which he may prosper.

Wayne Rooney - like his teammate Nani, Rooney has 49 points in his last 6 games including three double digit performances. He too has struggled somewhat on the road (1 goal in 6) but he is clearly finding form at a good time and possibly has the highest ceiling of all United players this week. His 13% ownership is also a massive plus compared to Berbatov (34%) and Nani (45%) and Drogba owners should not think twice about making this move if they haven't already. Rooney is probably the best play this week taking all factors into account.

Dimitar Berbatov - Berbatov has really struggled away from Old Trafford this season with just 4 goals in 12 games (compared to 15 in 11 at home) and an average of just 3.1 fantasy points. He is also a massive rotation risk for the game with Chelsea as Ferguson tends to favour 4-5-1 with Rooney up on his own in the clashes with the other title challengers. He is course a solid pick for the week but as a captain option I think many may overrate him this week.

Nemanja Vidic - there was a time when United defenders were must own properties who would contribute clean sheets at least a couple of times a month and a player like Vidic may even add bonus points for his troubles. Away from home at least, that has been far from the case this season. Just three clean sheets have been kept on the road this year, though interestingly they were all against quality home opponents (Sunderland, City and Spurs). Chelsea have failed to score just once at home and Wigan have only had three blanks of their own but neither are firing on all cylinders right now and so United have two decent chances at a clean sheet making Vidic a good play, but not a captain option for me.

Carlos Tevez - 30 points in his last two home games makes a former United player hotter than any of his old teammates though the fixture is trickier than it looks (only Chelsea have conceded fewer on the road than Fulham this year). It's very tough to pick against the United players this week but if any is worth a role of the dice it is Tevez. With solid fixtures on the horizon Tevez makes a great buy this week if you are already maxed out on United players.

Darren Bent - moving away from Ferguson's men, Darren Bent has the fixture of the week and he could continue his useful start to his Villa career with another good game. He lacks the high ceiling of some of his United counterparts but if you are a gambling man he might be worth a roll of the dice.

Chaz Adam (don't sell him though!)
Jean Makoun

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

League Links: February 22

After what seems like an eternity, we are back in action this week with a couple of GW27 stragglers today and tomorrow before a (close to) full program on the weekend. Before we get into the rankings though, let's run around the league and check in with those who tend to know best: the local papers (incidentally, if anyone has a recommendation for a team blog who always get big news, injuries etc right, please pass on the link and I'll add it to the league links review).

The Treatment Room
He's close to returning from injury but Houllier has already stated that Petrov will have to accept platooning with new arrivals Bradley and Makoun. None of this trio are fantasy worthy right now, especially given the risk of losing minutes every other week.

With Sam Ricketts joining Steinsson on the sidelines, Marcos Alonso (4.0m) has a chance to earn some playing minutes for Bolton. Having arrived in the summer from Real Madrid, Alonso has struggled to settle in this term but now has the chance to impress Owen Coyle. The Wanderers' defense hasn't been a great unit this year but anytime you can get a 4m starter it's worth a thought and he could be worth a spot start when Bolton welcome the low scoring Villa to the Reebok.

One man who is hoping to leave the treatment room behind him is Daniel Agger, and so far he looks like one of the main beneficiaries of the Kenny Dalglish era. He looks to be a fairly reliable fantasy pick and at 6.3m provides decent value in an improved defensive side. Unfortunately Liverpool's defensive fixtures look pretty tough but Agger at least deserves shortlisting right now.

Matt Etherington's injury problems have apparently been traced to his jaw line which is misaligned and causing all kinds of other issues. With the problem sorted he will hopefully return to full time action and continue his productive fantasy season. Hold off bringing him back in just yet though.

The Front Office
Kyle Walker will not be moving to Villa Park on a full time basis and Harry Redknapp sees him as a future England and Spurs' right back. At just 4.0m Walker is an intriguing prospect for the remainder of this season and given his lack of total minutes this year he could be undervalued next season and worth keeping in mind.

Mauro Formica arrived at Ewood Park to little fanfare but he's already off the mark for the reserves and he's already turning some heads on the training ground. Steve Kean has labelled Formica as a young Gabriel Batistuta (who of course starred at Newell's Old Boys too) while Spurs favorite Ossie Ardiles has also tipped his compatriot to have success in the Premier League. At 5.5m he looks like he will struggle to make a fantasy impact this year but he could be one worth scouting now to get a jump on next season.

Peter Crouch could be heading to Newcastle to replace Andy Carroll according to sources in the Chronicle.

United's goalkeeper search appears to be starting up again with Huge Lloris once again linked with a move to Old Trafford.

The Manager's Office
Ian Holloway has been in good form again and thinks he has spotted a few tweaks to help keep his team in the league. With 4 of the next 6 on the road and the 2 home games against Chelsea and Arsenal, Holloway better hope those changes stick quickly so the Seasiders can continue their revival after earning 4 valuable points this gameweek.

Harry Redknapp has once again confirmed his admiration for Charlie Adam (though that was before Adam helped Blackpool beat his Spurs side tonight). Adam remains a must own fantasy player while Spurs will be thankful they don't have a game scheduled immediately after the second leg fixture with Milan after struggling again with the 'continental hangover'.

Steve Bruce thinks that Asamoah Gyan might be better off without Darren Bent, and his 2 goals, 2 assist and 4 bonus points in the four games since the mercenary left for Villa Park might be proving him right. His 32 points in the last 5 put him in the same company as Van Persie, Tevez, Rooney and Berbatov yet he costs between 2.6m and 3.6m less. Sunderland's fixtures put a slight downer of his potential but nevertheless I like Gyan quite a bit over the remainder of the season.

The Water Cooler
A timely story from the Liverpool Echo tells how it is 20 years to the day that Dalglish resigned from Anfield. It's been a turbulent time since with plenty of highs and probably more lows so Reds fans will have to hope this term brings more stability to the club.

It looks like a Player of the Season trophy might be finding its way onto Phil Bardsley's mantle and with just 10 games to go he might yet be able to add an aPPMS crown too.

Gabriel Heinze has admitted that he regrets the way things ended at Old Trafford and is looking forward to facing his former team this week.

Yaya Toure thinks that City could be better than Barcelona in "a couple of years" while Ancelotti has written off his team's chance of winning the league this year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gameweek 27 Rankings

Barring any unseasonable weather this is likely to be the last significant double gameweek of the season so you better make it count. I won't re-tread much covered ground here but I would urge, if not demand, that you trundle over to the double gameweek analysis posted earlier in the week.

Clean Sheet Rankings
(Team clean sheets - opponent failed to score)
  1. Arsenal (4 - 5) and (4 - 5)
  2. Birmingham (4 - 5) and (4 - 3)
  3. Liverpool (6 - 6)
  4. West Brom (1 - 6) and (1 - 5)
  5. Blackburn (5 - 3)
  6. Man Utd (7 - 4)
  7. Stoke (2 - 4) and (2 - 2)
  8. Sunderland (7 - 2)
  9. Blackpool (0 - 5) and (0 - 2)
  10. Tottenham (1 - 2) and (1 - 0)
  11. Newcastle (3 - 3) and (3 - 4)
  12. Chelsea (3 - 2)
  13. Fulham (6 - 5)
  14. Bolton (3 - 3)
  15. Everton (2 - 3)
  16. Wigan (3 - 1)
  17. Wolves (1 - 2) and (1 - 3)
  18. Man City (4 - 0)
  19. West Ham (0 - 2)
  20. Aston Villa (0 - 0)
Some will no doubt take objection at not ranking all the DGW teams at the top but, for most, the fixtures are just too tough to justify such a ranking. If your plan is to take the 4 appearance points and run then you might want to adjust the rankings accordingly but I stand by the above as giving you the best shot at clean sheets.

Attacking Rankings
(Predicted goals for the week)
  1. Arsenal
  2. Blackpool
  3. West Brom
  4. Tottenham
  5. Birmingham
  6. Newcastle
  7. Stoke
  8. Wolves
  9. Chelsea
  10. Blackburn
  11. Man Utd
  12. Everton
  13. Sunderland
  14. Liverpool
  15. Aston Villa
  16. West Ham
  17. Fulham
  18. Man City
  19. Bolton
  20. Wigan
Captain Stats (Non Arsenal players need not apply)

So far in the captain poll, Van Persie has 85% of the vote and with good reason. He is the clearly the form player in the Arsenal team with a frankly ridiculous 50 points over the past 4 gameweeks and 5 QGs in the last 6. When you consider that he has faced just one team who concede more than 1.5 GPG this season but gets two of them this week, his upside for the week is unmatched. His status as a differentiator is gone (21%) but he still ranks well below Berbatov and Tevez and is still a way to gain some points over the unattentive managers. The presence of Chamakh worries me a little as does his flu, so the potential for rotation or early withdrawal is there but so long as you think he can play 120 minutes or so, he should have enough time to shine.

Fabregas, who himself has 47 points over the last 6, is still a differentiator (11%) and it's this point which makes him intriguing this week. I don't believe in players being 'due' a goal but given the number of shots he has had over the past few weeks, the regression to the mean would indeed suggest that a goal will come soon. His 10 bonus points over the past 6 weeks are great and he generally produces points in more categories than Van Persie. Like Van Persie, Fabregas has the flu but he makes a slightly safer pick than the Dutchman due to the lack of obvious replacement for him and his status as club captain. Picking him is a risk and there's a real possibility it could be a Nani/Berbatov GM24 situation, but sometimes you need to make a bold decision to gain some ground.

A decent outside bet is Theo Walcott who has been astonishingly good from a fantasy perspective this season and is currently level with Van Persie (151) and just one behind Fabregas (152) in aPoints. My concern are his 11 bad games compared to just 6 quality games. In fact, in every game but one he has either contributed double digit points or 3 or less. His 5 double digit games are as many as Van Persie and Fabregas combined. He is surprisingly owned by more managers (15%) than Fabregas so his differential potential is lower than you might expect but you can be sure that the vast majority of those owners won't be captaining him and so you could gain ground if you need to make a last gasp move.

Bacary Sagna is the pick of the defenders with Djourou injured but despite the great fixtures I do not think this unit is captain worthy right now. They were a shambles in the second half against Newcastle and while a single clean sheet looks like a decent bet, the chance of double digit production from Sagna and co looks unlikely.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Double Gameweek Analysis

Before we get into the full rankings for the week, I guess that most will be more concerned with the double gameweeks and so this piece will focus exclusively on them, and who ranks best on the teams with two games.

Defensive options
With defenders, I would be careful before throwing too many eggs into the DGW basket as the fixtures generally aren't that strong and the majority of the teams have at least one game where a clean sheet looks very unlikely. Now, earning 4 points just for showing up is a plus, but I wouldn't be paying 4 points for many defensive starters this week, and your free transfers can probably be better used elsewhere.

1. Arsenal
By far the strongest defensive option for the week, Arsenal face sides who score just 0.75 GPG (Wolves) and 1.00 GPG (Stoke) away from home while they themselves boast the 6th best home defense. Two clean sheets in the last three home games and four in a row overall seemed to mark the return of Arsenal as very useful fantasy unit but Saturday's disastrous second half collapse against Newcastle throws that into question somewhat. Still, with the weak opposition on offer, this unit is still the best bet for a clean sheet this week.
Who to target: Djourou's injury is a massive blow as he looked like he would be a very cheap way to access this top unit. Instead, his replacement Squillaci (6.0m) will presumably take his place making Koscielny (5.9m) the cheapest option along the back four. I would therefore play it safe with Sagna (6.2m) who gives some assist possibility, or Szczesny (4.5m), who incidentally is the most entertaining player on Twitter.

2. Birmingham
After 6 clean sheets through the first 14 gameweeks, Birmingham then went 13 straight games without keeping the opposition out. An away clean sheet this week though has put the Birmingham defense back into the shop window at the right time as they get two home games this week (where they have conceded just over a goal a game). As noted for Arsenal above, Stoke are pretty wretched on the road while Birmingham's other opponent - Newcastle - are the definition of inconsistent (though generally poor on the road).
Who to target: Jiranek (4.5m) appears to be the first choice centre back partner for Roger Johnson and provides nice value. I think Steve Carr (4.4m) is the slightly better pick purely on the basis that full backs are slightly more like to earn attacking points. Ben Foster is also a nice pick, thought be sure your 'keepers make a good pair before making moves for this week.

3. Tottenham
Two road trips against very good home teams makes Spurs players a bit risky this week, but they have managed 4 clean sheets in their last 7 games including one on the road in GW25. Blackpool have scored in every home game while Sunderland have failed just twice, though the departure of Darren Bent might help with the latter.
Who to target: For guaranteed minutes Assou Ekotto (5.3m) looks like the pick as Redknapp hasn't really settled on the remainder of his back line. I would not pay a kings ransom to get him but he would make a nice one week sub for someone like Kolarov who faces the daunting visit to Old Trafford this week.

4. West Brom - great fixtures but only one clean sheet all year (GW2). Maybe worth a role of the dice but not worth paying transfer fees for.

5. Newcastle - three road clean sheets this year but only one since GW11. Neither Blackburn nor Birmingham are prolific scorers but both are fairly strong at home and are likely to find holes in a defense which looked terrible at times against Arsenal.

6. Stoke - this once reliable unit hasn't had the best season but 3 clean sheets in the last 8 suggest they could offer some value. The trip to Arsenal basically negates the double gameweek though so unless you're really confident of them having success at Birmingham I don't think they make particularly good value this week.

7. Blackpool - strangely, the bad news is that they have to play twice at home. We've all seen the stat that they have yet to keep a home clean sheet and their 22 goals conceded at Bloomfield Road is the second worst in the league. Spurs travel as well as anyone (only failed to score twice) while Villa are much improved of late.

8. Wolves - Arsenal and West Brom have collected failed to score 4 times at home. Wolves have one road clean sheet. Just say no.

Attacking options

1. Arsenal
By far the strongest play this week, you should be looking to have a couple of Arsenal players in your team and the top captain options will surely come from this group. Wolves and Stoke have conceded 42 goals on the road in 24 games while Arsenal average 2.0 GPG at home. This projects to give the Gunners somewhere around 4-5 goals for the week and you need to be a part of the action.
Who to target: Van Persie and Fabregas are no-brainers and are probably the best forward and midfield play in the league this week. With Nasri still out, Walcott makes a very nice play. He has quietly been a superb fantasy player this year when he's played, earning 151 aPoints (which averages out a player's points as if he played every week against a balanced schedule) which is 5th among all midfielders. Walcott is probably a top 5 midfielder this week and is certainly top 10. Chamakh and Arshavin look too likely to be rotated to justify their lofty price tags for me.

2. West Brom 
Two very good fixtures (Wolves and West Ham combine for 49 goals in 25 games on the road) drives this ranking as West Brom have been just okay at home this year (18 goals in 12 games). The thing I like best about backing West Brom is the consistency of where their fantasy points come from. Looking at all the forwards and midfielders, three players (Odenwingie, Brunt and Thomas) account for 42% of them to date and so with little risk of rotation or point sharing it is easier to forecast who to back.
Who to target: The three names above are of course the targets here, with Brunt and Odenwingie being the slightly safer options (Thomas is occasionally withdrawn early in games). Odenwingie probably ranks ahead of any forward valued at under 8m this week, given the lack of firepower up front included in the double gameweek squads. Thomas makes a very nice minimum price signing while Brunt is again probably better than any midfielders valued at under 8m and not named Charlie.

3. Blackpool
While they have managed to find the net in every home game this year, Blackpool have not been prolific scorers so do not expect fireworks as they welcome two useful sides to Bloomfield Road. That said, Villa and Spurs have struggled for road clean sheets (one between them to date) and so the Seasiders' goal streak looks in good shape to continue.
Who to target: The headliner is of course Chaz Adam who is making a very strong case for fantasy player of the year. He is now third among midfielders in points (124 points) and first in aPPMS (0.993). I have regarded him as a must own for months now but once again he makes a great signing this week of you don't already have him. DJ Campbell has been a top 20 striker this year and would crack the top 10 on potential this week. Only 3 of his 8 goals have come at home and his lack of production outside of goals (2 assists and 5 bonus points to date) scare me a bit but at 4.7m you really can't go wrong if you want to spend big in midfield and save up front.

4. Tottenham
The issue with Spurs is that they really haven't picked up too many goals on their travels, and as a road team project less goals than a team like Stoke would at home. Their opponents for the week are a mixed bag as Sunderland are dominant at home while Blackpool have been very shaky. Spurs have failed to score more than twice since GW14 and have just 6 goals in their last 6 games. Having said that, they have a team stocked with talent and they have the ability to score goals against anyone. The potential return of Gareth Bale should also be a plus for Redknapp's team.
Who to target: Rafael van der Vaart is of course the obvious pick despite the fact his form has slowed down of late (4.5 PPG in the last 6). Redknapp confirmed that the Dutchman will remain on penalty duty and it looks like he should recover from injury in time for both games (be sure to check this later in the week before signing him though). With Bale and Modric both questionable right now, it might be best to wait until later in the week to jump on one of these players. An outside alternative might be Aaron Lennon who is averaging 4.9 PPG over his last 8 games, including 5 games of at least 5 points.

5. Stoke - Etherington is, as always, a great play though he is averaging just 4 PPG in road games so don't get carried away. Stoke's upcoming fixtures are pretty solid though so he is more than just a one week play if you wanted him. Some may look to Carew or Jones but I think better value is found in the teams above.

6. Newcastle - with his new found penalty duties to go with his decent bonus haul (16), Joey Barton looks like a good option at 4.8m. Kevin Nolan is also worth a look though he has been feast or famine this year with 13 bad games compared to Barton's 9. He probably has higher upside though and with two games for the price of one, he is worth a thought.

7. Birmingham - no one is averaging more than 4 PPG in the team though I suppose Bentley has shown signs of promise since arriving at St Andrews. For 5.7m though I think better options exist and so McLeish's men don't offer much interest.

8. Wolves - as with their cross town rivals, the Wolves squad is pretty devoid of fantasy talent right now.

Be careful to note that Arsenal, Tottenham and Birmingham don't currently have a game scheduled for GW28 while United have a DGW. It therefore may not be worth paying 4 points for too many players this week and I would not be selling the likes of Nani or Berbatov right now unless you are sure you can get them back next week.

Normal weekly rankings will be posted soon but hopefully the above will give everyone a few ideas for their weekly transfers. As always, comments are welcomed below or @plfantasy. You can also check out my weekly fantasy column over at Back Page Football.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gameweek 26 Rankings

The transfer window has closed once again with key players moving teams and a couple of fresh faces arriving from overseas. There’s not too much time to let the dust settle though as another gameweek roles round, which looks promising for the Manchester teams, while the headliner match on Sunday will give us a good opportunity to assess whether Chelsea and Liverpool have really turned the proverbial corner after both have struggled (comparatively) in recent times.

Clean Sheet Rankings
(clean sheets kept at home/away – opposition failed to score at home/away)
  1. Man City (7 – 6)
  2. Chelsea (8 – 4)
  3. Tottenham (4 – 4)
  4. Aston Villa (5 – 5)
  5. Stoke (4 – 4)
  6. Man Utd (3 – 2)
  7. Fulham (3 – 3)
  8. West Ham (3 – 4)
  9. Sunderland (4 – 3)
  10. Everton (3 – 5)
  11. Arsenal (4- 2)
  12. Wigan (2 – 3)
  13. Birmingham (2 – 2)
  14. Blackpool (5 – 2)
  15. Blackburn (0 – 3)
  16. Wolves (2 – 3)
  17. Newcastle (3 – 2)
  18. Bolton (0 -3)
  19. Liverpool (3 – 1)
  20. West Brom (0-3)
Attacking Rankings

  1. Man City
  2. Chelsea
  3. Man Utd
  4. Arsenal
  5. Blackburn
  6. Tottenham
  7. Everton
  8. West Ham
  9. Wigan
  10. Blackpool
  11. Birmingham
  12. Stoke
  13. Sunderland
  14. Newcastle
  15. Aston Villa
  16. Fulham
  17. Wolves
  18. West Brom
  19. Bolton
  20. Liverpool 
Captain Notes

Tevez is the obvious choice for the armband this week based on the fixtures though his home form (5.36 PPG) dampen my predictions a tad. He is making mince meat (7.43 PPG) against easy opponents though and is probably the best play this week.

Berbatov has been pretty average away from home with 4 goals, 1 assist and just 3.18 PPG. His form is sensational and he’s had some huge games of late, but I would look elsewhere this week if you have other top options.

Malouda has been great at home (7.0 PPG) and against teams who average more than 1.5 GPG conceded (6.78 PPG) and looks well placed to continue his rejuvenated form. The arrival of Torres (who will surely play in a more traditional forward role than Anelka) may hurt his value a bit but with 8 goals in their last 2 games, Chelsea look like they might be back on form.

Like teammate Malouda, Drogba has also been very impressive at home (6.45 PPG) with 8 goals in 11 appearances and may actually benefit from the presence of Torres (despite popular opinion he actually flourished when playing alongside a second stiker). 

The form forwards in the league are Rooney and Van Persie, who have 10.0 and 9.4 PPG over the past 5 gameweeks respectively. Both get a decent fixture this week though neither opponent have been easy to beat at home. At a certain point form can be more important than the fixture though and one or both of this pair might be in that zone right now.

Fabregas has been very impressive on return from injury and his bonus tally of 10 points over his last 6 games is very encouraging. He has only had one huge game since his return but has also only failed to score at least 4 points once and is averaging 7.5 PPG.


Not sure whether this category should be named after Robbie Keane or Darren Bent. Probably Keane on the basis of his “I’ve always dreamed of playing for my current team, having grown up idolising one their best players. I remember walking down that famous street to the legendary stand where I watched this team have great success”. Either way, I like these boys this week as one week fillers:

Ciaran Clark (4.4m) – the Villa back line looks a bit crowded when everyone is fit but with Steve Warnock and Luke Young out as long term casualties and Cuellar being in and out all year, the versatile Clark has played several positions which should all but guarantee him a game again this week. Houllier has been complementary of the youngster this year, drawing comparisons to Gareth Barry and Clark has already added 3 league goals (as well as one in the cup last week). I still don’t fully trust Villa’s defense week in, week out but Fulham have scored just 9 away goals all year and so Clark is a great short term pickup.

Morten Gamst Pedersen (6.0m) – on the face of it Gamst Pedersen is having a very nice fantasy year but he scored 38 of his 100 points in a four game period and has been largely average for the remainder of the year. That said, those big games came against weaker defensive teams which is exactly what they face this week. Wigan have conceded 7 goals in the last 3 league games and Pedersen might be worth rolling the dice on in an all or nothing type pick.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fans' Word Clouds

With Torres' disappointing comments as he left for a 'top level club' ringing in their ears, the mood of the Liverpool fans seems to that of genuine hurt and defiance. There will be a lot of chest beating about how the club is bigger than any player but make no mistake, this one hurt. Newcastle fans seemed more disappointed but accepting, and the majority were quick to point to the money they received as a silver lining. I'm not sure what the story is here: loyalty is dead in football, or that we're crazy to expect any (after all Torres is not exactly a local lad). I'm sure the blogs will all have their say tomorrow, but for now, I'll leave it to the fans:

Fans feel the club is bigger than any player
Money is talking for the Magpies