Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Double Gameweek Analysis

The re-scheduled games are now settled and the final season run in is mapped out. Eight DGWs remain with GW33 looking like the last chance to make serious ground on your competitors as five teams have a blank while three teams enjoy the double. Obviously DGW candidates are going to be highly rated each week but which of the remaining doubles have the highest upside for defenders and attacking players?

Defensive Rankings
  1. Chelsea GW33: @West Brom, Birmingham
  2. Arsenal GW33: Liverpool, @Tottenham
  3. Wolves GW34: Fulham, @Stoke
  4. Stoke GW34: @Aston Villa, Wolves
  5. Fulham GW34: @Wolves, Bolton
  6. Man City GW36: @Everton, Tottenham
  7. Tottenham GW36: Blackpool, @Man City
  8. Birmingham GW33: Sunderland, @Chelsea 
  9. Bolton GW34: Arsenal, @Fulham
Attacking Rankings
  1. Chelsea GW33: @West Brom, Birmingham
  2. Man City GW36: @Everton, Tottenham
  3. Arsenal GW33: Liverpool, @Tottenham
  4. Tottenham GW36: Blackpool, @Man City
  5. Stoke GW34: @Aston Villa, Wolves
  6. Bolton GW34: Arsenal, @Fulham
  7. Fulham GW34: @Wolves, Bolton
  8. Wolves GW34: Fulham, @Stoke
  9. Birmingham GW33: Sunderland, @Chelsea
Arsenal and Chelsea are obviously the immediate priority here with both looking to benefit at both ends of the field and give us plenty of fantasy options. For those chasing leaders in mini leagues it might be time to go make or break and get 3 players from each of these teams over the next two weeks in preparation for the doubles.

Two form candidates immediately present themselves as must owns (Van Persie and Lampard), and after a scare on international duty it looks like Van Persie will be fit and good to go. With 9.0 PPG and 6.67 PPG respectively, they rank among the best second half performers and neither have outrageously large ownerships (Lampard's is particularly attractive at just 7.5%). With Fabregas and Walcott potentially returning this week, we should have a full contingent of players to select from and with the defense looking good but not great, I would lean towards offensive players for my Gunner picks.

Chelsea's defense has improved since Luiz's arrival and at 6.2m he represents a very nice discount over his pricier colleagues Cole and Terry. With a pair of goals he has proven himself to be a good goal threat already and is probably my top pick defender for the remainder of the year (or at least through GW35). It's a shame to waste so much talent but even with a double gameweek it's tough to get too excited about the horrifically out of form Drogba and Torres.

Both Chelsea are Arsenal enjoy good fixtures before their DGWs so feel free to invest heavily now to maximise your holdings by GW33. Of the two, Arsenal look the best option this week so if you are only going to use one transfer this week, I'd go Arsenal. Stay tuned for the weekly rankings which will be posted shortly, including some advice on which players can now be ditched for the season.


    Nattajak said...

    Good analysis.. Hope RVP will be fit.

    Do Birmingham also have DGW to come on GW33? How should they be ranked among those teams?

    Chris Glover said...

    Thanks Nattajak, Birmingham do indeed have the double. That said, they rank nearly bottom given their tough trip to Stamford bridge and their generally woeful attack. Any DGW is worth a look but I wouldn't be paying to get Birmingham players in.

    Nick said...


    Very interested to see your list of people to ditch for the rest of the season -- as I probably have one or two on my team...

    Jay said...


    How do you feel about Wilshere for the rest of the season (and this week)? Will he see enough of the pitch to make him valuable with a 5.0 price-tag?

    Any definite work on RVP being fit? Might bring him in this week.