Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sim Prem

Welcome back everyone. It seems like just a couple of weeks since the United players were lofting the Premier League trophy up high - before most of them signed for Sunderland that is. This site has been quiet since then I didn't even get a chance to chip in with my end of season thoughts as I have been re-working my data to try and setup better predictive tools for next season.

In the meantime I have an exciting opportunity involving a new fantasy game - SimPrem. I have long speculated on the creation of a draft style game in which each player can only be owned by a single team and the boys over at SP have delivered in a major way. The rules are fairly complex compared to the game but they are intuitive and once you understand them, they should make the game very interesting to play.

John and Doug are currently welcoming new entrants to the league so I thought I'd put it out there for any readers who are keen to try something new and can commit to being an active player throughout the season.

Coming Soon
I have almost finished uploading all last season's data so I hope to start getting some lessons from last season out soon, before the prices for next season are released. Stay tuned to this blog or @plfantasy for the latest updates and drop @simprem a note if you are interested in the new league.


travelnotes said...
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travelnotes said...

If you want to be a part of a drafted league, why not join us on Big Soccer.

We currently have four leagues, with promotion/relegation between the leagues each season as well as an All Rocks Super League and other interesting cup competitions.