Monday, August 15, 2011

Free wildcard in GW2 - the proverbial hits the fan

For anyone who hasn't yet seen the news, have issued an apology for the poor performance of the site this week:

The most notable thing to come from the apology is the grant of a free wildcard for GW2. The ramifications for this are obviously huge but something you need to immediately consider are those players whose price looks set to rise this week. With unlimited transfers you can buy them now and sell them on Friday, and if they've gone up in price by 0.2m you get free cash. One note of caution there though would be to avoid transferring players out who you ultimately want back on Friday as if their price rises you will have to pay the extra 0.1m.

I will post more expansively on this tonight. It's going to be a busy week.


Steven said...

FYI for all:,,12306~2421213,00.html

Rey said...
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Rey said...

Exciting news, and the least they could do. Well, maybe not the least they could do, but a fair compromise to keep the players happy.

Joel Farthing said...

Can anyone enlighten me about when the head-to-head fixtures will be set? Or have I screwed up somehow as my mini-league administrator?

Anonymous said...

I already whored myself, hopefully I can pick up 2-3 .2's before finalizing my team on friday...

let the masses do their thing and bring me price rises!

+ obligatory kudos Chris. Your data analysis is fantastic.

Chris & Gillian said...

when i go to make unlimited transfers it still shows up - points?will this subtract them or not?

amtosh said...

It's still showing up as taking points from me as well. Obviously I'd be loath to lose 30 odd points. Can someone tell me if it will take those points from me?

Luke said...

Can someone explain how the price changes are calculated and when? Cheers!

Thommas said...

You will not lose any points. All transfers which is made before the deadline next weekend is FREE. No matter if you have made any transfer prior to's statement.

The price changes is yet to be confirmed. IF they decide that the price changes will happen, they will most likely change after GW2's deadline

seVIIn said... states "unlimited transfers" but the transfer page states "you can make 10 free transfers this week, 4 points will be deducted for any additional transfer". This doesn't make any sense? Is it unlimited or not?

chemikills said...

To the comment above, I'm assuming the 10 was a typo for 1?
They are going to update the game on Tuesday night as stated in the article, for now it seems like there are point hits but they will be revoked

seVIIn said...

If you 'hover' your cursor arrow over the "?" next to FT on the transfer page, the pop-up window says "you can make -10 transfers this game week". That's where the confusion lies.

amtosh said...

That must be because you've already made 11 transfers.

Hence, you were allowed 1 free transfer this week, but you've made 11, so you are allowed -10 free transfers this week and the rest will deduct points.

Mine says you are allowed -9 free transfers because I've made 10.

I hope this free wildcard thing isn't a windup or I'm screwed.

Simon G said...

Are we absolutely sure this isn't another massive cock up and I'm going to incur loads of point deduction for transfers that weren't free?!

So I've taken te opportunity to make some changes and the team I have chosen (though I haven't pressed the big red button yet) is as follows:


Jose Enrique



There is still nothing about this apology and the free wildcard on the fantasy site, only the PL site, and even on there it isn't on the fron tpage, you have to select 'News in Brief' to find it. I wonder how many of the more casual players have no idea about the free transfers. Not everyone that plays this game is on there everyday analysing the stats like us lot!

They really need to sort this out.

Chris & Gillian said...

I really hope it doesn't subtract my points, i have not made any changes yet but really want to....To Simon G, vorm looks like a decent shout, even through he conceded 4 great goals he made numerous amounts of great saves!looks like a better buy than De Gea already!

Simon G said...

Well you may want to wait until tomorrow. Apprently they will sort out this weeks transfers system tonight, so I assume that by tomorrow it will say 'unlimited'.

But they really need to make this more public, it should be on a notice on the fantasy front page. If you just go to there is no indication of the changes to gameweek 2.

boumavilla said...

I haven't had any such problems, no free transfers for me, only allowed the one!

Jump to my blog after this one and have a read and comment!

coopsxx said...

I made a transfer on Sunday night and confirmed it. Now it says I lose points per transfer? How do i get the GW2 wildcard thing working?

angryratman said...

There is going to be a few band wagons after the first week with these free transfers. Im not sure what strategy to take cause I had a bad opening week. I know if I change all my players my current squad will score highly (sod's law).

Morgs said...

Hi Chris do yuo know if the price rises will set in before or after this weeks games? also can players such as aguero and suarez who were protected still rise this week? cheers