Friday, August 5, 2011

A quick poll

As I've mentioned before, I'm taking part in the inaugural SimPrem fantasy league this year, with the draft set to take place on Saturday. I've drawn the third pick and wanted to canvas some opinion on which way you'd go. Let me know below (a) who would be your top three picks and (b) which positions you would target in the early rounds.

The scoring system is a little complex but is essentially based on the game though midfielders earn points based on their team's goals scored/conceded so players from elite teams get a boost in value.

I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts . . .


Jaime Guadagni said...

i haven't read the point system but if it is similar to pl fantasy then I would def pick mids and forwards. RvP, Nani, Malouda

MerryMichaelW said...

Baines, Wilshere, Rooney

Exquisite said...

How many players in the draft?? Maybe a top class keeper would be a better choice than one of the plentiful attacking options. Especially considering it'd be very difficult to be able to draft in 2 keepers who rotate well.

Jay Horrey said...

Hey Chris,

Since you are not in by division in SimPrem I don't feel bad sharing my top 3 picks with you.

The point system is really shaded toward keepers and mids. Mids get the bonus you mentioned while keepers get 1 point per save.

Under this point system last year, Ben Foster would have led the league in scoring. Joe Hart was second.

My top 3 picks are:
1. Hart
2. Cech
3. Nani

If you can take Hart or Cech I think you have to. They are going to put up consistent numbers and rack up the saves.

Nani has the most potential of the mids and has looked great in the preseason. He seems to have a desire to lock down a spot in the first 11. After that, it gets a bit messy.

Chris Glover said...

Jaime - That looks like a strong three. Malouda vs Drogba is tough for me but rvp and Nani look like definite top 5 picks.

Merry - Wilshere certainly carries more value in this game than the standard game but I'm not ready to make him a top 3 pick just yet! Rooney is looking like a favorite though.

Exquisite - 8 teams in the draft selecting 24 players each. Good point about rotation, I hadn't thought about that. Unless you pick them back-to-back it's going to be hard to make sure their fixtures gel well. Maybe I'll have to adjust my strategy a bit there. Thanks!

Jay - the issue in my head is basically that mids probably score more points but the forwards pool is shallower. In NFL fantasy football you tend to pick RBs first rather than QBs, despite QBs scoring the most points because the fall off from the best to the 10th RB is much steeper than at QB.

From Tevez to the 8th fwd last year was 50+ points but from Nani to the 8th it was only 35. I would say there are only 9 forwards this year I would say are pretty much locks to have good seasons and after that the question marks start getting huge - Berbatov, Gervinho, Chamakh, Deko, Saha, Defoe. I have no idea what any of these boys will do.

Thanks for the ideas guys, results and post-draft analysis will be posted next week

John Wright said...

I think Chris may be onto something with the NFL analogy...I should probably leave it at that, since I'm drafting against both of you.