Monday, August 29, 2011

Reader Request

A quick reader request. For reasons unknown, the powers at Premier League towers have decided to remove the match data from their once reliable website instead opting for an unordered list of random facts including goalscorers, yellow cards etc. To calculate the various data I use on this site I need a listing of player stats each week including minutes played, goals, assists, bonus points and fantasy points and then I need that cross referenced by opponent to establish where (home/away) and against whom (good /bad teams) a particular player is scoring their points.

I can get goal and assist data from ESPN, who provide full match data but they obviously do not include fantasy or bonus points and annoyingly use full names rather than surnames, which requires some excel shenanigans just to get into a readable state.

Does anyone (a) know of any sources which list match data including minutes played or (b) have a reliably maintained spreadsheet with the data included?


whoracle said... ?

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EddieO said...

Chris, the guys at TotalFPL and Fantasy Scout both have to scratch this information together. Total FPL is run by a guy who's called Frank on his chat page ( Some the guys chatting on the totalfpl site are also knowledgeable so you could just join and ask the question?

The other site is run by a guy called Mark:

Both seem pretty decent so they may pass on the tip.

teek said... has goals (and weather its a pen or not), assists, pens missed, times of goals and subs, players, nationalities times of yellows and reds and some basic stats at the end.

teek said...

p.s. thanks for the great blog!

Gummi said...

I pay 4 pounds a month for stats at They are not in table format, but I just sent a request for an export option to work with in Excel (inspired by you :) ).

Gummi at

TD Ocho said...

I hate all these changes! Aaarrgh!! Can't see other people's transfers (just that they made them), sort by price rise, this ridiculous listing of stats you mention, "updating", etc. Not to mention I'm not a fan of the new bonus point system. Might need a new game.

Steve said...

You could compile this data on a player-by-player basis (if you are using an automated process to do this? I wouldn't recommend trying it manually) by using the player data pages on

For example, has the full match history for Andy Carroll. This has all the data that you mentioned.

Chris Glover said...

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I am pleased to say I now have a good data set for the first three gameweeks so that the various trends etc can be looked at and posted about. Expect to see some player specific data popping up over the next few weeks (it's still a little too early to suggest Dzeko will score 76 goals or that Szczesny will concede 120 goals).

Gummi said...

@Chris: Any chance you could divulge what method worked best for you.

@Steve: Thanks for the API hint. That is excellent. I think I might do a little private programming project to gather this information.

@TD Ocho: Sort by Price Rise has now been added.