Sunday, September 4, 2011

I hate the international break

The World Cup, and to a lesser extent the Euro Championships, are some of the best weeks of any year but the process by which teams get there is trying. I hate the fact that the start to the season loses momentum and I especially hate the fact that teams (both real and fantasy) lose players through no fault of their own. In truth, many of the injuries below have nothing to do with the international break but it's a good excuse to bemoan the fact that I had nothing to do on Saturday morning.

This one wasn't actually suffered while on international duty but Rafael van der Vaart has been ruled out for 6 weeks and the 5% of managers who own him will need to look elsewhere. Luckily there are a number of good replacements out there who I'd currently rank as 1. Young, 2. Silva, 3. Nasri, 4. Nani, 5. Adam (pending an injury update) 6. Mata. Of those, Mata and Nasri are on the rise but I still like Young and Silva until further notice.

Jack Wilshere's injury status keeps getting worse, with the Arsenal man ruled out for another couple of months.

Chaz Adam had to leave the Scotland game early and will miss the mid-week encounter. It isn't clear as to his status for Liverpool's next game.

Both Darren Bent and Micah Richards missed the England game and will do so again midweek. Physio room don't show Richards as injured while Bent is showing as due back on the weekend, but be sure to have backup plans for both these players if you own them (Kompany and Hernandez/Suarez are the natural replacements).

Dalglish has indicated some concern over Luis Suarez's commitment to Uruguay and you have to think he's going to get rested at some point in the future if he continues to play for the national side. This isn't a major mark against Suarez but it's worth noting in the back of your mind.

Asamoah Gyan was on the scoresheet but was later stretchered off. Early indications suggest he will be ready for the weekend though with relatively tricky fixtures coming up, it's starting to look like other options might be worth looking at.

Shane Long is out of the midweek game and so his place in the West Brom side set to face Norwich looks in doubt. He's been good value to date but it's unlikely he will keep his impressive goal scoring form going, so if he is indeed out it might be better to move on sooner rather than later.

Hot hands
Robin Van Persie was given a free role for Holland, who out 11-0 victors over San Marino, and responded by notching 4 goals. He's been a forgotten man in the early season with Aguero and Rooney being in fine form, but he took his goal against Man Utd extremely well and needs to be considered if the new Arsenal arrivals gel quickly.

Wayne Rooney continued his tremendous start to the season and reminded up that he remains the best prospect to own right now with a brace for England. United have some good looking fixtures on the horizon and it's going to be very hard to drop Rooney anytime soon.


Steven said...

Amen. Praying the second and last game doesn't cause any additonal injuries..


I've got these folks in the team, wondering if you could do an assessment for me. I'd like to hear your thoughts, Chris. Would be very much appreciated.

Given - Begovic
Hughes - Shawcross - Kompany - Collins - S Taylor
Jarvis - Silva - N'Zogbia - Mikel - Hoolahan
Dzeko - Rooney - Klasnic

I think I'll be bringing in some quality players for the same value in exchange for Hughes. I thought he might be a solid option but I guess the money would have been better spent elsewhere or on a quality player for the same value.

I'm also planning to get Hoolahan and N'Zogbia off and it requires to gameweeks to complete these transfers but in the meantime, I'll make careful observations on these players and again I'm going to assess the market value and see how things go, but I'm definitely taking Hughes and Hoolahan off.

I'm feeling very contented with my forwards. They've been amazing.

Mitchell Stirling said...

Chris, what are your thoughts on having a Stoke defender and Begovic as part of a rotation stategy? Too risky? Schwarzer is my other goalkeeper and week 6 would see me having two Stoke players at home in my team to Man Utd. Like most I have Young and Rooney so think this probably mitagates it.

I have Kompany set to start for next few weeks as my best def. option, Warnock ideal for weeks 5 and 7. Smalling might be a 4th/5th option a couple of times and Arron Hughes is a safe bet for next few weeks, especially weeks 4 and 7.

My dilema is Luis Enrique, great for weeks 6 and 8 but not looking great for 4,5 and 7. Where as Jagielka is the opposite. Would you say LE's attacking upside outweights PJ's 3-2 advantage in clean sheet potential?

In attack I have Rooney, K. Jones and Long. Midfield of Silva, Young, Brunt, Cabaye and Sessegnon. Though I'll be looking to swap out Sessegnon for Dyer and Long for Dzeko this week. Haven't looked at mid-term prospects for the front half of myside yet.

Jake said...

Hi Chris. Do you think RVP is essential for the next 6 weeks?

Essentially it means I have to ship out Bosingwa and go for the likes of Tchoyi and SWP over Hunt and Taarabt who I prefer but I think it could be damaging to leave out RVP. I'm on my wildcard and I would be bringing him in over Suarez.

Aeo said...

Is it okay to post reader's questions here? If so. here I go. If not, nice blog mate.
I looked at Points/£ for last season's top 20 scoring defs, mids, and fwds, with htis year's prices. Top 20 DEFs avg = 20pts/£, MIDS = 17pts/£, FWDS = 15pts/£.
With these numbers why would I NOT want to priorties my budget on Defence first, then Mid, then FWD. Most people seem to do it the other way around. Ta.

FFFan said...

And now Nasri's broken hand has to be taken into consideration too!
Luckily I played my wildcard this week so I've just swapped him for Young