Friday, November 11, 2011

Ramsey vs Arteta

This will just be a quick post, to address a very good point raised by reader chemikills regarding the inclusion of Arteta in the recent 'long list' of underowned players (chemikills makes some other good suggestions of underowned players in the comments section, which are well worth taking a look at).

Anyway, I have a confession to make. The comment that Arteta will benefit from the opportunities afforded to Fabregas was a bit cheap and probably not really based in reality. Fabregas is one of the best players to play in the Premier League, and no matter who replaces him, to suggest they can enjoy the same heights was hyperbole. Anyway, the question did raise an interesting side point: who will benefit most from Arsenal's revival? Arteta or Ramsey? I had been fairly high on Ramsey a few weeks back, but I must admit, he has somewhat slipped from my mind in recent weeks.

Looking at the chalkboards from the last 3 weeks, I think it's hard to conclude that Ramsey, rather than Arteta, is playing in that 'Fabregas role' but equally, it's hard to argue that Arteta is taking up significantly better positions either, and thus may not be worth the extra 1.4m it costs to bring him.

If we look at the stats over at Fantasy Football Scout, then the story becomes even more confusing:

  • Arteta: 23 key passes (1 assist), 10 shots, 4 on target, 3 goals
  • Ramsey: 14 key passes (4 assists), 13 shots, 4 on target, 1 goal
Arteta looks like the more dangerous passer but has just one assist while Ramsey seems to be the bigger goal threat yet has just a lone goal. Based on history those totals with level out over time as each pair starts converting their shots (and having their passes converted) at a more consistent rate. Whether or not that will start to happen in the next few weeks, or even this season remains to be seen. 

I am still aboard the Arteta express but this has definitely revived my interest in Ramsey. At 6.7m he is cheap enough that you could probably own him as a 4th midifielder or a very reasonable 3rd midfielder, thus allowing you to hold a pricier defense or to have 3 elite forwards. Gun to my head I'd still take Arteta to score more points from here on largely based on what I perceive as a more natural goalscoring touch and his set piece duties, though I wouldn't be surprised if Ramsey ends up the more valuable player, provided that is you put the money to good use and don't blow it on Leighton Baines (sorry, that's the last shot at poor Leighton I'll make all year day).

So thanks to chemikills for the reminder, and thus we have another underowned player to consider.


chemikills said...

Very interesting article :) Just one thing to point out here is that 1 of Arteta's goals was a PK whilst he was @ Everton and removing that does flatten it out a bit more :)

But I do agree Arteta is playing a more active role than Wilshire and Ramsey/Arteta seem to be sharing the creative duties :p

Chris Glover said...

Yeh good point. With regards to the shots vs goals analysis I am a bit lazy and don't strip out set pieces. I should take out pens for Arteta as he will presumably be down the pecking order at Arsenal.

Gummi at said...

Interesting point. As you point out, with no significant argument for either player to stand out, Ramsey should be the option to pick because of his price.

Neither have been as much involved as I would have thought. I bought Ramsey some time ago, thinking he would provide regular assists to RvP.

Surprisingly, he wasn't directly involved (assists or goals) in any of Arsenal's last eight goals (Chelsea and West Brom).

stooshermadness said...

I think school is still out on both Ramsey (lack of significant FF history) and Arteta (will he resort to early Everton form?). Neither player seem to be playing in the hole behind RvP in what looks effectively like a 4-1-2-3. Like Gummi, I bought Ramsey after watching Arsenal a couple of times and sensing he was farther forward than Arteta more often. I thought he would be an RvP assist machine. Not so much. I think the key to this discussion is lodged in Chris's earlier 'underowned' post - RvP. As long as RvP is not injured he is a 'must own' - look at his record over the past year. I think money spent on Arsenal attacking options should be dumped into the prolific Dutchman until Arteta/Ramsey prove capable of a consistent FF threat. If RvP is a bridge too far in terms of your budget, then your best bet is the inconsistent but occasionally dynamic Walcott, who had 133 FF points in 1691 minutes last year, including several double-figure GWs, in an injury blighted season. For Ramsey/Arteta money you could grab 2 guys, again, on Chris's 'underowned' list who represent much better value in that they are at the center of everything their teams do - O'Hara and Dempsey. If you are not completely sold on those boys, it is easy enough to find a 5th midfielder to rotate with either for those really tough games. I may continue to hold Ramsey for a few weeks, but I am not confident I am getting value at 6.7.