Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fantasy Football Scout

In case anyone missed today's announcement, I've been lucky enough to be invited to write some guest posts over at Fantasy Football Scout. I'm sure everyone who reads this humble blog is well aware of the awesomeness of FFS, but if not then I whole heartedly recommend the site as a daily must read.

Nothing will change here and I'll continue to post the weekly preview, lineup lessons and other ramblings you've grown accustomed too. My posts at FFS will be a mixture between free to all and members only, and I'll link to them from here (and note whether you need to be a member or not).

I'll also continue to ramble on Twitter @plfantasy - something I recommend for all. It may not sound like everyone's thing but even if you never post, it's a great way to follow the news and keep up to date without trawling sites every day.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's continued support and I look forward to the remainder of the season which is shaping up nicely.


amtosh said...

Congrats Chris, well deserved.

What's your opinion on playing the WC when you don't really need to.

I have 2 WCs up my sleeve at the moment and my team looks like this:

Krul Vorm
Jagielka J. Enrique Evans Jones N. Taylor
Drenthe Silva Bale Walters Moses
Adebayor Aguero RVP

Bloody everton players were a bust and a mistake to put in there even with their double GW.

I wanna get rid of both of them and draft in Ramires and Danny Simpson. In order to do so, I need 0.1 more bank so was going to change Jones to Skrtel.

It seems a waste to use my WC to save 4 points, although I guess I need to use it sometime. Thoughts?

ken said...
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ken said...

Great job Chris!
I'm thinking Petrov for AV will do well in game week 21! Thanks for all that you do here.Much appreciated!

Genevapics said...

Congrats on the new writing gig! You do a fantastic job here and I expect we will see the same thing over at FFS.

Kalix said...

Congrats Chris!

You're posts will fit right in at FFS :)

Excited to read them!

AU Tigers said...

Hey Chris congrats on the writing gig! I haven't posted in a while but I've still been lurking. I was hoping you would apply when I saw that FFS was looking for more writers.

stooshermadness said...

amtosh - You'll want Chris's thoughts on this, but I'll throw out my 2 cents. I, too, couldn't wait to dump out Drenthe (and I had Hanley; don't ask), so I pulled the early January WC. Having a bit of buyer's remorse now because my team was very serviceable for GW21. You have a pretty solid backline for GW21,and you could bring in Simpson, if he's your target, for Jagielka, and start 5 across the back in GW21. Sounds like you have 2 free transfers, so you could save one and make the Ramires switch next GW. You are in a great position with 2 WCs and I wouldn't use one to save a 4 point hit. You may want to (i)see how serious Silva's injury is; (ii) whether Evans will come back into MUN's line-up and (iii)whether Drenthe is restored to the starting line-up for the next 2 GWs - avl, BLA - before you pull the trigger on the WC. I would save your January WC for a week or 2 and save your overall WC for the stretch run when a differential or 2 might rescue your minileague season.

Matt Stone said...

Congratulations mate!

amtosh said...


Thanks mate, that makes a lot of sense.

Looks like work's not going to be very productive today.

DTH said...
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