Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gameweek 23 Preview

Don't forget that there are no games this weekend with the next deadline coming next Tuesday for a full midweek slate. That gives us a couple of days so hopefully I'll have a couple of extra pieces up this week. Weekly rankings are below.

Clean sheets kept at home/away based on this week's fixture Opp FTS Number of times this week's opponent has failed to score at home/away GPG Conceded Predicted goals conceded this week based on a team and their opponent's performance this season Opp CS Clean sheets kept at home/away by a team's opponent GPG Scored Predicted goals scored this week based on a team and their opponent's performance this season


vicky said...

my current team
no wildcards left..have 2 ft in hand and 3.2 in bank..
any changes needed to the starting 11?? and captaincy??
besides,was planning to upgrade moses to someone better based on form and fixtures..and to bench sturridge for next gw....
who to change moses to???or shall i hold with my ft longer...
valuable suggestions from anyone much appreciated...
pls do help...
thanks in advance...

stooshermadness said...

vicky - I'd hang on to a free transfer for when Stockdale is dropped for Schwarzer who is expected back soon. Since you have Kelly, I might look to switch away from Stockdale to another GK who rotates well with Vorm.

Funny enough, I've got the identical mid/for group; looks like you've got enough money where you could downgrade Sturridge to a budget guy (Helguson, Morison, Graham)and you could swap in Silva for Moses. Sturridge gives you access to the Chelsea attack but Silva has been a monster all season.

Captain selection - Sessegnon is on fire right now, so it's hard to argue with that choice, but if you take Chris's chart above seriously, you might want to think about Valencia or van Persie. Impossible for me to take it off van Persie if he's got any sort of favorable fixture. That's just me, though.

Ramzy said...
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JayDavies said...

Thanks for the post Chris!

Can i get few comments about my team pls?

GK: Vorm
Def: Kelly, Cahill, Evans J
Mid: Valencia, Silva, Bale, Sessegnon
Fwd: Rooney, Torres, Van Persie

Sub: Bogdan, Hanley, De Laet, Ferguson

I think my team is OK but it could do with a more solid defense and a good sub players. Currently De Laet and Ferguson are not playing but im keeping Ferguson though :).

I was thinking of using 2 transfers or 3 so i can have a decent bench and back-line using the money from Torres when i transfer him out. I have 2 free transfers this week and no more wildcards.

Should I stick with my team or make a few changes? any thoughts anyone? I dont know what to do =/


WS said...

Any views on my current team for GW23:

Mignolet NOR (H)

Simpson BLA (A), Kelly WBA (H) , Enrique WOL (A)

Bale WIG (H) Sessegnon NOR (H) Silva EVE (A) McClean NOR (H)

Van Persie BOL (A) Rooney STO (H) Aguero EVE (A)

Subs Sorenson Dyer Caulker ShawX and 0.2 in the bank

Is the team good to go for this week?

With little cash, the only FT that I can see to improve the team is probably sell ShawX to J Evans (Stoke at home) and drop one of the defender (but which one)?

PS: I play in a monthly league, so GM23 is essentially a 'final'. (that is long term view is not that relevant)

Rutwik said...

@Jay Davies
i think u should sell Cahill as he will not be playing soon. u can buy simpson and use the remaining cash to upgrade to Mignolet.
and up front u can buy sturridge or Helguson who is a budget forward and use the extra cash to upgrade your midfield.

vicky said...

@stooshermadness-thanks a lot buddy....as i have 2 ft i was thinking of using 1 and getting keane in for sturridge...i think he is a good shout for the next few gameweeks...wat ya think???

Chris Glover said...

I'm going to do a wildcard post tonight with everyone's questions, so post your teams below and I'll go through as many as I can.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a silly question, but how essential is it to bring in RVP at his current price of 13.2m? I haven't had him all season (and perhaps paid the price with my ranking) but wanted to get your take on whether he is a must-have regardless of price.

Ramzy said...

Thank you Chris in advance for the upcoming wildcard article, my wildcard team is as follows;

BAE Richards Simpson Evans Kelly
Silva Valencia Dempsey Sess Bale
Aguero RVP Helguson

I intend to play most of my midfielders every week and probably rotate the defence and Helguson. QPR have 'favourable' fixtures on paper and I expect a mini revival under Mark Hughes.
I am a little bit concerned that I will be in a position of having 'wasted points' sitting on the bench in some weeks and picking the team for each week will be hard but that's a good headache to have.

*Sorry for the REPOST but you said post below.. haha


Snorre said...

Hey, Chris.

Currently i have wildcarded my team to this, would be great with some input:

Walker, Naylor, Kelly, Enrique, Raylor
McClean, Mata, Silva, Dempsey, Dyer
Morison, Aguero, Torres

Torres may seem like a weird pick, but my plan is pretty much that if he doesn't start getting me points before Drogba is back then I'll swap him out with Ba, and if he does score against Swansea I'll swap out Morison instead (got the cash saved up). I'm gonna need something to separate me from the pack anyway!

I'm mostly unsure about Ryan Taylor. Is he done considering he only played 5 minutes of GW22?


nsj91 said...

here's my wildcard team chris, would be good if you could cast an eye over it.





and 1.0 in bank

pitt_AO said...

Hi Chris. I'm hoping to WC before GW24 but injuries may force me to do it this week. So I've got two teams depending on when I have to play, sorry to be a pain.


Vorm, Mignolet

Enrique, Richards, Senderos, Williamson/Santon, J Evans

Silva, Bale, Valencia, Sess, Murphy

RVP, Adebayor, Dzeko

Leaves ~2m in the bank so Dzeko and Ade can later become Ba and Aguero; or I may double up on City at the back.


Vorm, Mignolet

Enrique, Richards, Kompany, Evans, Williamson/Santon

Silva, Bale, Walcott/Ramsey/Oxlade-Chamberlain, Valencia, Sess

RVP, Zamora, Fletcher

The Arsenal mid would be my one week loan as they have Blackburn that week; they'd then become Dempsey. Leaves ~1m in the bank so Fletch or Zamora can become Ba later.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

Tony S said...

Hi Chris,
Thankfully my team is worth 109.4m but after the next GW when I dump BAE and Sturridge for Simpson and Ba, I am left with 1 Arsenal player, 1 Spurs player and NO Utd or Chelsea cover. I know this sounds crazy but my team is
Van P/Ba/Aguero.
I had Adebayor and Nani but I transferred them out due to their upcoming fixtures. The only Utd player I’m interested in is Valencia but I don’t know who to drop. I might switch Van P to Ade later in the season and use the extra cash to upgrade moses to Valencia when Utd/Spurs fixtures ease up.
As for now, I could downgrade Riise to Kelly and upgrade moses to a 6.6m Mid such as Walters for Stokes next 3 good home games but I like the idea of Riise for Fulham’s next 7 games. I feel like Riise is due a big GW, what do the stats say?
I doubled up on the Stoke Def due to their upcoming home games but after the weekend I'm not so sure and now Sorensen could be at risk, I have 0.4m in the bank so I could go Sorense+Shawcross to Bergovic + Cahil or maybe try Schwarzer when he comes back?
Should I keep faith in Stoke or Flip? Any Suggestion?

I know I’m rambling a bit but have you any advice on the balance of my team or what you would do to strengthen it.


CDI said...

Hey Chris heres my wc team:

Lindagaard, Vorm

Evans, Richards, BAE, Senderos, Brown

Valencia, Dempsey, Silva, Bale, Seeesgnon

RVP, Adebayor, Dzeko

Oom Panda said...

Hai.. This is my current team:


Who’s the best to hold capt armband and should I put Aguero instead of Welbeck.. Put Kun/Warnock/Simpson/Ruddy on the bench…

Thanks, guys..

stooshermadness said...

People - why all the love for BAE ? He had a blinder in DGW. His career attacking points record is crap. TOT have a difficult schedule. At his price - really ?

CDI said...

Stoosh I brought him in for the dgw and plan to cut him after gw24 but with Wigan at home this week He has to be played/held onto if you already have him.

Chris about my wc team. Would you keep Enrique considering Pools terrible fixtures and form? I got him at 5 so would lose some vale on him but I just dont see where the clean sheets are gonna come from over the next 4 GWs. Shawcross/Evans could take his place for now. Also whats your view on Dzeko as a 4 week punt now that Balo has been banned?