Thursday, February 2, 2012

Captain Data Gameweek 24


Grounderz said...

Honestly, if you know almost every player in the Premier League well, it should be easier for you to conclude who's a better captain for that gameweek.

Nevertheless, I still love reading your statistic findings.

Gummi said...

@Grounderz: I understand your view, but the point of going with numbers can be one of two methods:

1) Using the numbers to supplement your knowledge.

The numbers don't lie (well, unless you want them too) and will sometimes produce strange results (such as Drenthe in seventh this Gameweek) that need investigating. I'm not saying follow the numbers blindly, but use them to validate or to disprove your theories.

2) Statistics can also form the basis of your decision. This is the way I believe Chris uses. This way, you build your team around likely scorers and use your gut feeling/own judgement/personal oppinion seldom.

stooshermadness said...

Chris - these captain ratings posts are invaluable and along with the clean sheet/attacking posts are the most important reads in FF for my money. Just brilliant.

I am sizing up a swapout of Sturridge for either Demba Ba or Bobby Zamora this week. QPR's schedule is terrific but NWC's isn't bad either (esp at home). One observation on the captain ratings here - Ba's rating in your chart is tipping me toward Ba, but Zamora's rating here has been skewed by his transfer, I think. If you take his % and multiply it times QPR's expected goals v. Wolves (as opposed to Ful v. MC as it appears to be in the chart), Zamora's rating is 0.72, if I'm not mistaken. That puts him near the top. Obviously, the data is not as valid as he has not been with QPR all season (thereby skewing the %), but it's probably got enough heft to make me think Ba is not quite a no-brainer.