Thursday, February 23, 2012

Captain Data Gameweek 26

As you've probably noticed I've been a bit absent these past few weeks due to other work committments. Hopefully these should end tomorrow but I'm totally behind on the news so my apologis if I missed any injuries/suspensions etc in the list below.

This is the raw data for the week, and I will try and right up a narrative tomorrow so all you East coasters should be able to see it late night and the GMT crowd should be good to go before the morning deadline.

Normal service should resume next week including some of the promised pieces I've been talking about for a while.


nsj91 said...

surely aguero is the play this week..

niloc said...

RVP ranked higher than aguero?

surely some mistake?

mf said...

It doesn't surprise me that RVP is higher. He's still top scorer and he seems to get a lot of his goals away from home as well.
Stats are just part of your decision making process through, right? Need to take into account whats been happening outside of the PL and the time of season I reckon.

vanilla said...

Ba is tempting, especially against listless Wolves who have just lost their manager.
I own no Citizens further up than Silva, so I'm hoping Tevez throws a wrench in the works! Aguero just played 80 minutes against Porto... wouldn't be surprised if he starts from the bench.

vanilla said...

@MF: when Chris has time, he always posts the caveat that these are stats only, and not an editorial piece on how he personally ranks potential captains.
In other words, these are tools for analysis, based upon each players' PL performances. How you interpret is left up to you.

stooshermadness said...

Aguero seems like the obvious play. But you have to look at RvP for sure. Arsenal have been shut out only once at home all season (early on, Liverpool) and only 3 times total. And you would think Arsenal will be up for this one at home after their CL and FA Cup failures. All they have to play for is the CL 4th place spot.

The problem with Aguero is the options Mancini has. But I was one of the fools that swapped the armband off RvP in his huge GW24 based on Wenger's comments, so I am reluctant to walk away from Aguero w/o any hints from Mancini. The other thing is that it's a curiousity that Blackburn have not been shut out on the road all year. If that trend continues and they get a goal, Man City will need goals and need to press the game. Can't see anything but 3+ goals for Man City in this one.

El Noel said...

Surely Demba Ba is the obvious choice here?

City have so many goalscorers, throw in Mancini's rotation policies and Aguero's frequent number of two pointers and things are not so clear cut for his captaincy value.

RvP often scores against Spurs and is on fire this season, but given that Arsenal are as horrendously out of form as Spurs are in form, again it is risky.

Wolves are in disarray, Newcastle have game changing players back, and Ba will wreak havoc against Wolves's poor defence I feel. If ever a player was guaranteed more than just two points in a fixture, this is it.

Genevapics said...

@ Chris:

Your: Risk vs Reward article was fantastic! Really good sound analysis. Loved reading it. I have it book marked and will continue to refer to it throughout the rest of the season. Great work as always.

nsj91 said...

Chris could you do a post on gameweek 29?

according to the fixtures there is only 5 matches during that gameweek.

should we be using all our FT from now until then to try and cover our bases for that round?

as it stands, id be copping three zeros that week...

WS said...


Seeking advise for Goalkeeper Rotation

I have Bogdan (mci, QPR, n/a. BLA, wol, FUL)

and considering two options:

Al Habsi (SWA, nor, WBA, liv, STO, che)
Schwarzer (WOL, avl, SWA, mun, NOR, bol)

Fulham has better fixture and defence is obviously stronger than Wigan, but Al Habsi is 0.3m cheaper and I also can get Kelly for 4.0m.

Any views? thanks :)

Beadling Boy said...

Aren't you going to update your site anymore?

chemikills said...

Hey Chris

As you might know I'm a long term reader, your blog is up on my bookmarks bar :p

After your article on 'not paying for last years offensive returns' about defenders. I contacted the admin of to see if he might like you to write articles to be published on there.
He contacted you via comments with an email address and said he never heard from ya.

I've written an article for the site which you can find here:

I think you'll like it judging of what I've seen on here.
If you can give it a share on here, I'd appreciate it. I'm sure you can sympathise that it is always nice to see your work read when you put the effort in ;)