Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gameweek 26 Rankings

CS Clean sheets kept at home/away based on this week's fixture Opp FTS Number of times this week's opponent has failed to score at home/away GPG Conceded Predicted goals conceded this week based on a team and their opponent's performance this season Opp CS Clean sheets kept at home/away by a team's opponent GPG Scored Predicted goals scored this week based on a team and their opponent's performance this season


amtosh said...

Sheet! Aguero played the full 90, Dzeko played 25 minutes and Balotelli warmed the bench all game.

I was considering taking a 4 point hit to get Aguero into the team, but now think that he might sit this week.

Dzeko's played a combined 27 mins in the last three games, Balotelli 78 and Aguero has played about 184!

Surely Dzeko starts this week.

Also, now that Tevez has 'apologised' Mancini could welcome him back in "two to three" weeks.

Curiouser and curiouser.

stooshermadness said...

@amtosh. Worrying times for those holding Aguero. The good news is he subbed on @ Porto last week and was subbed off y'day. I think odds are he will start. I still plan to give him the armband but Ba seems a good option as well if you have him and lack any appetite for risk.

amtosh said...


Oh yeah, you're right. He only played 80, which brings him down to about 174 mins over the last 3 games. Still a tough call.

Hmm... I like the Super Rugby and Rugby League comps in Oz where they name the teams halfway through the week.

You never know what Mancini is going to do. Whatever city striker starts the next two rounds is a lock to score some points, just need to know who it is gonna be.