Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Strength of Schedule remaining

Last week's FA Cup action coincided with a busy week for me away from fantasy football, hence the lack of posts this week. We're back on track now though and before we get to this week's rankings, I want to get out the first of a couple of posts regarding the final stages of the season, with focus on differentiation and playing your second wildcard if you still hold it.

This won't be a huge post as I just wanted to share the data, but I must say that it is incredibly hard at the moment to find differentiating options. Unless you want your team to look like everyone else, you're really limited to grabbing players who have enjoyed limited success but look a tad overpriced (Walcott, Modric, Suarez, Lampard etc) or new arrivals who are notoriously hard to predict (Cisse, Cisse). We'll get to some names later in the week or early next week, but until then, below you will find the strength of schedule played by each team to date, along with the comparative strength of their remaining opponents.

I wouldn't overreact to this data as, for example, Bolton still lack any inspiring attacking options to capitalise on their improving fixtures, but it should be a useful reference point when planning long term transfer targets and finding undervalued assets.

To Date Goals per Game scored by all opponents faced through GW26 Remaining Goals per Game scored by all opponents for the remaining 12 gameweeks. For attackers, the goals per game represent the goals conceded by opponents.


Matt Stone said...

Bolton's schedule is surprisingly strong!

I've got a spot on my team for Ryo Miyaichi if he can lock down a starting role. Any thoughts on him?

Raddz said...

looks good chris thanks!
just wondering about Sunderland in the future as i have the duo of McLean and Sess and with them not having amazing fixtures in the future was wondering what your thoughts would be on dropping sess and maybe picking up a man utd or budget midfielder to go along with silva, dempsey, and bale in my midfield? would i be crazy to do this or is two midfielders from sunderland too much and with McLean outperforming and much cheaper than sess is this the right move?

CDI said...

Hey Chris thanks again for all the info you provide. I've got 2 FT and was thinking about taking a punt on either Mata or Nani for Valencia for the next 2 weeks until I w/c again. Do you think the upside to owning them could be higher than the upside of doing Dzeko-> Aguero For his up coming home fixtures? If Mancini goes with Balo and Aguero in the EL game I'd assume Dzeko is likely to start vs Blackburn no?

My team after the 2 FT would be:


Richards, Santon, Kelly

Bale, Sessegnon, Silva, Nani/Mata

Ba, Dzeko, Rvp

Subs: Lind, Dempsey, Caulker, BAE

Tanjina hasib said...

All over the fantasy football is now so popular. People are so fond of this.