Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gameweek 27 Captain Rankings


SKehoe said...

Thank you for the great work on the articles.
My captain choices going into this week were Aguero, Dempsey, and Ba. I gave Silva and RVP consideration, but I'm a little worried about RVP's knock. I've decided to go Aguero C and Dempsey VC.
I'm concerned that Balotelli may start stealing most of Aguero's thunder, at least in the scoring department so ill be watching the game and if that indeed is the case, ill most likely transfer in Balotelli or Suarez for the stretch run with some thought on Rooney but he's been hit or miss.
My team this week, thoughts
Kompany, R Taylor, N Taylor
Sessegnon, Dempsey (A), Silva, Bale
RVP, Ba, Aguero (C)
Subs - Sigurdsson, J Evans, Tourney, Mignolet

amtosh said...

Damn you Aguero/Silva!

Good work Skehoe, Dempsey as captain would've got you a few points!

My team at the moment:

Vorm | Mignolet
Kompany | Simpson | Enrique | J Evans | G. Kelly
Bale | Silva | Dempsey | Sessegnon | Surman
RVP | Aguero | Ba

I'm thinking:

A)Sess and Aguero -> Rooney and McLean
B)Sess and Aguero -> Rooney and Danny Murphy
C)Sess and Ba -> McLean and Suarez

Whaddya reckon?

SKehoe said...

Thanks Amtosh, Dempsey indeed came through big time.
I like your c option, but that might be because I went for broke after seeing Sessegnon out until late this month and transfered Suarez in myself.
I'm taking an 8 pt hit, but worth it imo.
I did
Sessegnon>Miyauchi (sp?)
Tourney>Jose Enrique

A cs or decent performance by Suarez in the dgw should make up for the 8 pts (hopefully), but if not at least my D is set for season.
I also figured Sess is going to drop in value quick and no reason to have $7 mf just sitting for month.
Best of luck

amtosh said...

I went the all out Liverpool approach instead of the Rooney/McLean approach which was my first choice.

I'm in the final of an FA cup style comp in my minileague this week (been running for 3 weeks) so I need all the points I can get this week.

My team:

Mignolet (Vorm)

Evans | Enrique | Kompany (Kelly, Simpson)

Bale | Dempsey | Adam (vc) | Silva (Surman)

Ba | Suarez (c) | RVP

Come on Suarez!!!! Score some goals!

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