Friday, November 16, 2012

Gameweek 12 Preview

Attacking Data

Clean Sheet Rankings
Captain Stats / Player Forecast


JT said...

This data makes me feel even more confident about captaining Berba! This data is so helpful, it's really appreciated :-D

Gareth Holloway said...

Awesome site Chris, been using it with moderate success due to my schoolboy errors.

Just wondered your thoughts on Craig Gardner from week 14. Have a feeling he'll play in the hole from now on and need to swap him for Pienaar to before Giroud in week 15

cheers, keep up the great work!

Podge Marley said...

Week 12 dude :)

amtosh said...

Hey Chris... How about a piece on the top 6 or so strikers from a fantasy perspective? (RVP, Suarez, Ba, Tevez, Aguero, Berba)

This season it seems like you need three of those forwards to do well and so much is dependant on getting the pick right.

For example, I had Ba, RVP and Tevez and swapped Ba for Berbz then Ba scored. The guy behind me in 2 on my ml has Tevez, Berbz and Suarez and I'm worried that he'll catch me if I don't cover Suarez, but I can't really drop Tevez after his haul and RVP seems like a lock to score a bunch of points for the rest of the season (although at a price).

What would you do? The piece could outline what their projected points are from here until Jan and then until the end of the season and value.

Also, Puncheon or Kaca for a 5th mid (I have guthrie).

Tony S said...

Hi Chris, your attacking numbers for Fulham's upcoming Games seem a bit skewered (and hence Berbatov's). They play away to Stoke and Chelsea, and then at home to Spurs and Newcastle. This looks like a tough run of games but yet u give them Green lights attack wise...... am I missing something?
Additionally. Sunderlands next 5 or 6 games look good defensively but your numbers don't support this. Any reason for these 2 abnormalities?