Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gameweek 14 Preview

Don't forget we're on a short week this time around, with the transfer deadline at 19:30 GMT on Tuesday 27 November.

Team Attacking Forecast

Team Defensive Forecast

Individual Player Forecast


Pulma said...

I see very little love for Sunderland midfielders. Dont you consider them an option at least for the next 3 weeks?

Chris Glover said...

Based on what though? Individual ability? Sure. Johnson has had his moments, Larsson is a solid player (though way too defensive when deployed in the middle) and Sessegnon is very good. However, they've offered little in terms of actual stat productions (shots and created chances) so we're really just basing such a pick on the fixture list. That's fine, but it's not how the model works.

My system is to support players who have both the ability AND the underlying stats, like the Southampton midfield to date, and then adjust for fixtures as needed.

For example, Sessegnon has hit the target 6 times versus Puncheon's 10 and Nolan's 13. Larsson and Johnson have 16 and 15 chances created each, but that still trails Sterling (23) and Lallana (25) by a way.

As I've said in the past few lineup lessons, they're talented enough to monitor but I don't see enough to make them great buys yet.

Mr Moogle said...

Hi Chris. I've looked around the blog and I can't see an answer to this, so apologies if it's been asked before, but could I ask wherefrom you source the SoT, SiB etc stats used in your model? I found a reference to "Opta" last season but I wasn't aware their numbers were publically available in easily accessible form.

Chris Glover said...

You can get total shots and SoT from ESPN. SiB is an Opta stat, which you can get for a membership over at Fantasy Football Scout (well, worth a few pounds)

Mr Moogle said...

Thanks! Do you import the numbers from FFS by hand then? That must be a lot of work every week!

vanilla said...

two questions:

1) with Norwich keeper Ruddy out for up to 3 months, what do you think his backup's chances are? The name's Bunn.

2) have you ever seen a player score across 4 categories? Gareth Bale did today -- 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 yellow, 1 own goal.

vanilla said...

and I'll add a comment as well:
I can't believe all of the DGW-chasers out there (at FFS and FFC). Even if Sunderland and Reading players did turn into princes when you kiss them, they still cost 1 transfer coming and 1 transfer going. No, thanks.

Fantastic blog. I may not comment as much as i did last season, but I check in multiple times daily. One of my favorite bookmarks -- keep it up!

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