Friday, February 8, 2013

Gameweek 26 Preview

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CDI said...

Great stuff as always Chris. How come there was no mention of Sissoko in the Dousing article? I saw the stats for the game and his were very impressive but was wondering what your take on his potential was?

DGWs always bring opportunity to make moves but I'm finding it very difficult to decide on a path to take so please give some advice on my options please and which path you think has the most upside. I have 1FT and my current team is:


Azpilicueta, Enrique, Davies,

Bale, Mata, Walcott, Michu, Fellaini

RVP, Sturridge

Federici, Lambert, Harte, Demel

1) Bale -> Gerrard and then the reverse move next week. ( problems with this are I'll have 5 DGW players but will not be able to field 11 in GW27 without a hit

2)Begovic -> Reina ( I'll be able to field 11 in GW27 but will prob have to ride Reina for a long time

3) RVP-> Suarez ( Will suffer the same problem as option 1)

4) Save my FT this week and then over the next 2 Gws do: RVP, Lambert, Michu --> Rooney, Aguero, Sissoko

I know this is a crazy long post so sorry about that. Thanks for any input and keep up the great work.

stooshermadness said...

@CDI - save the transfer. 4 is plenty of DGW coverage. I think managers need to think of DGW26 and GW27 as a 2-part package. Whatever you gain in DGW26 with 4/5 players you will lose with zeroes in GW27 if you can't transition to a full 11 or have to take hits to get 11. If you save your free you have the possibility of fielding 11 in GW27, although that is hardly assured given Demel's status. Azpilicueta is not nailed on either. So its possible you could have as many as 6 blanks in your lineup in GW27. Option 4 looks far and away the best - Sissoko to Michu next week gives you a fighting chance to field 11 in GW27.

CDI said...

Thanks Stoosher for taking the time to lay out sound logic(it's what I need when my knee starts jerking). 4 does make the most sense considering I have so many rotation risks in my team.

Gummi said...

Agree with Stoosher. I think four is the ideal number, given the need to field 11 in Gameweek 27.

In fact, we have the same four so here's hoping your double Gameweek bet pays off.