Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gameweek 27 Preview

Clean Sheet Rankings

Attacking Rankings
Individual Rankings


JT said...

Good to see a new post on your blog Chris :-)

RVP (c) over Walcott is what my instinct says, despite everything pointing to Walcott. Your captaincy rankings make me feel a lot better about it!

stooshermadness said...

Thanks Chris, love these posts. Like JT, I am leaning to RvP but strongly considering Walcott for the (c).

The bigger issue for me is 3 L'pool/Swan (Agger/Michu/Sturridge)with a blank and 3 other potential sitters - Shaw (still a yellow "i"), Wilkinson (probably dependent on Wilson's fitness) and Marveaux (starts only if Gouffran is still out). I had planned to drop Agger for sure for perhaps Santon or M.Dawson (or Walker). Was thinking 1 more move (and 4 point hit) might be useful to insure I have 11. Your numbers here suggest Lukaku or Tevez might be worth a shout for Sturridge but both come with the risk of not necessarily being nailed on. Wonder if others think a Sturridge swap-out is worth the 4 point hit. I tend to think Tevez will still come good over the rest of the season and sooner or later Clarke must realize what a beast Lukaku is. I've only taken 2 point hits all season, so I am leaning to 'small ball' again but I am chasing a 60 point lead in my minileague . . . any opinions out there ?

Snorre said...

Why no Sissoko or Giroud in the individual rankings?