Friday, April 5, 2013

Gameweek 32 Preview

Clean Sheet Rankings

Attacking Rankings
Individual Rankings 
Note: Individual rankings are based on an historical average data model only and no account is taken of expected playing time or rotation risk. Where a players is confirmed as injured or suspended I endeavor to remove them for the below listings but assumptions regarding rotation are not otherwise included in the below analysis.


Shreyansh Jain said...

bale injured.....

Eraser said...

Hey Chris, how does Victor Anichebe look on your model? It seems like he's beaten out Jelavic when fit, and at 4.3 he's incredible value, and looks great in my wildcard team.

Eraser said...

Had a search through your archives and it seems like you like for his price, which I guess is about as much as I could expect. I think I'm in, I'm going to be trying the Jonah Keri "Don't give a crap" approach and just look for value.